Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Winter Subway Art Tile

Whew...I'm feeling a little crazy after all of those projects last week and our long weekend away to the {big} city, and I haven't even began baking and barely started wrapping gifts!  I'm not going to lie, I'm a little exhausted!!  LOL! 

Friday late afternoon we headed to the {big} city to see my mom, have her Funky Zebra party, and then we went to the Chiefs/Green Bay game on Sunday.  We had a BLAST and I am still shocked that KC pulled off a win against Green Bay who was undefeated going into Sunday.  It was amazing!!  Monday we did some quick last minute Christmas shopping before we hit the road...the HUGE winter storm was on it's way in.  We didn't beat the storm home, but we did make it home safely after about 7 hours of driving.  It normally only takes us 4.5 hours, so we were ready to get home.  It was pretty scary, seen a lot of cars in the ditch, had to call in for 1 person who didn't have a phone.  There were several times on the last hour stretch home (which took like 2 hours) that we couldn't see a thing...it was a white out.  But WE MADE IT!  Thank you Lord for guiding us home safely!! :)  Not sure on the official amount of snow that we received, but I'm thinking at least 7-9 inches, with drifts over 2 feet tall.  We could barely get our back door open, and it was packed up against the shed doors.  This is the time I wish I were still in school so I could have a snow day!!! LOL!

Now on to my next project I created last week...Winter Subway Art Tile!!  I should be set for all 4 seasons now, maybe I'll start creating ones for each Holiday that I already haven't...we'll see! 

This time I used a light colored Tile, several different font cartridges, and Dark Green vinyl that I purchased from Expressions Vinyl.  I think it tuned out pretty cute!!  I also used my CDS software to help me get it layed out the way I wanted it, and this time I applied them in sections.  It was a lot easier.

Here are my previous tile's I made for the other seasons...check them out! 




Well we are officially done Christmas shopping, well 98% done anyways.  I have a few more gift certificates to grab, but other than that we are done.  Now just to get everything wrapped before Saturday, and goodies baked!! :)

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