Monday, September 26, 2011

Autumn Subway Art Tile

Yep, you guessed it...I created another seasonal tile for my house, and I love it!  The tile I used was really fun; yellowish tan, cream, and brown all mixed in.  I used white vinyl this time instead of black, I really like the way it looks. 

I started off by using CDS, typing in all of the words that reminded me of fall, and laying them out the way I wanted.  I cut the "regular" font words using Plantin Schoolbook cartridge first.  Then I added the "Autumn" using Stretch Your Imagination cartridge, and cut it out.  I used transfer paper to transfer it to the tile...and let me tell you I had a mess!  There were so many letters, and they all wanted to stick on the tile before I could get it lined up.  It was crooked, so I ended up having to fix it manually...which is how I normally place the words, without the transfer paper.  Next time I'll go back to manually placing the letters on the tile, or I'll get it on the transfer paper first, then cut it into sections.  It might be easier to work with that way.

So the point of that little story was to say that I do have mess ups and fails, even though I don't share them with you!!  But that's live and learn!  ;) 

I'm feeling some generosity coming in the future, might have to do a giveaway of a tile.  What kind of tile would you guys like to win?  Autumn, Halloween, Thanksgiving, or something else?  Let's hear it!

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