Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Featured on AFloral Blog!

Just wanted to pop in and say that my DIY Bridal Bouquet was featured on afloral blog today!! I'm so excited!!
Click here to check it out! :)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Our Wedding Details: DIY Unity Candle

Our next project that I created for our wedding was a DIY Unity Candle.  I searched everywhere trying to find the perfect Unity Candle that I could purchase, but nothing stood out to me.  They were all pretty basic, didn't have the look that we were going for, or way to expensive.  So I decided that I would make our own after purchasing a plain candle set from Hobby Lobby.  I can't remember how much it was, maybe like $20, plus I had a coupon for 40% off. 

I also looked around for the perfect Unity Candle holder, but I wasn't willing to pay an arm & a leg for it.  This particular one you can purchase at Hobby Lobby for $19.99, but we only paid $7 for it after spotting it on Craigslist.  My oldest brother was so kind to go pick it up for me, since it was located in his town.  I was so excited!!

Ok, back to making our own Unity Candle...I got some wide Navy ribbon, measured it out for what I would need to wrap around the candle and set it aside.  I took the lace roll used in the Memorial Candle Holder, also measured it out for what I would need and set it aside.  Then I took the same colored fuchsia colored ribbon that I used on the Bouquets, measured and set aside.  I wanted to wrap the lace around the Navy to give it a little dimension, and I glued those two together.  I carefully wrapped the Navy Lace around the Unity Candle, used a little hot glue to adhere it to the candle.  I then wrapped and glued the fuchsia ribbon around.  Next I took some thin Lime Green ribbon and criss-crossed it in the front, gluing in the back. Last I tied a small lime green bow, glued it in the center of the criss-cross, and added a little crystal jewel in the center.

For the 2 Taper Candles, I simply made a small criss-cross, followed by a small bow, and added in another little crystal jewel. 

We were so nervous lighting the candles, our hands were shaking.
I kept thinking we were going to light something on fire!
I thought it turned out perfect, and just the way I had envisioned!  I really love how the lace looks with the Navy ribbon, it really gives it some pizazz!

What do you think?  Did you make your own Unity Candle, or were you able to find one that suited your wedding?

Just in case you are curious, we played "God Gave Me You" by Blake Shelton as our Unity Candle Lighting Ceremonial Song.  It was perfect!! 

Please let me know if you have any questions on how I made it.  I hope it's not too confusing without actual step-by-step pictures.

Credits -
Unity Candle Set made by: Your Truly!
Photography: Crossroads Photography
Plain Candle: Hobby Lobby
Unity Candle Holder: Craigslist find
Navy & Lime Green Ribbon: Walmart
Fuchsia Ribbon: Hobby Lobby
Lace: Hobby Lobby
Crystal Jewels: Michael's (purchased years ago for other project)

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Our Wedding Details: DIY Lace Memorial Candle Holder

The next thing I created, which you sort of saw a sneak peek before the wedding (yeah, it was awhile ago, I know!), is our Memorial Candle Holder.  I wanted to tie in the lace from my dress & veil, which also inspired our wedding cake (I will show you our cake in another post, even though it's not DIY).

I purchased a $4 dollar vase from Dollar General, got a roll of flat lace trim from Hobby Lobby (with a coupon of course), and purchased a white pillar candle from Wal-Mart.  I cut up large scraps of lace to wrap around the vase, and modge podged them on there.  I did that until the who thing was covered, and of course filling in any gaps that might have formed.  I wanted it to look like I purchased it like that, so I also covered the bottom, and went all the way to the lip of the vase.  Once it was dry, I cut off the extra on the lip.  I sat the candle in the vase and it was ready to go.  I loved how it turned out, and it was very easy & cheap to make!  It was so pretty when it was lit during our ceremony! 

Supplies needed:
Clear Glass Vase
Lace (I purchased a roll)
Modge Podge
Unscented Candle

This will be something that I will display in our home, once we get our house squared away.  So pretty!  What do you think?

Candle Holder made by: Yours Truly!
Photography: Crossroads Photography
Vase: Dollar General
Lace: Hobby Lobby
Candle: Wal-Mart

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Our Wedding Details: DIY Bridal Bouquet

Sorry I haven't had much motivation to blog lately.  Do you ever get into that rut? 

Anyways, I finally decided that I would share some of our DIY wedding details with you, starting with our DIY Bouquet's that I made for our wedding.  I didn't take step by step pictures, because I was too focused getting things done for our wedding, I wasn't even thinking of the blog.

I took a floral design class back when I was in college, and I loved was a really fun class!  I decided to go the silk route, because: 1.) you can keep your bouquet forever, 2.) you don't have to worry about keeping your flowers out of water too long and worry about it wilting, 3.) it actually was cheaper to make silk bouquets instead of dropping $50-100 for real flowers (no thanks.)! 

So I did some research on the types & colors of flowers I wanted, which led me to finding one of the cheapest places online to order good looking silks,  No I am not being compensated for this, I am just passing along some info to you all! :) You can search by color, type, and they even have other floral supplies available for purchase.  They also now carry fresh flowers for purchase.

It took me awhile to decide exactly what I wanted to use/do, because I wanted to make sure everything was perfect!  I really liked the looks of peonies, ranunculas, and even some anemones.  Just something about those flowers, especially peonies & ranunculas, really make me giddy!  So I browsed their site by colors & types, and then I found this already made bouquet which had a mixture of all of those, plus tulips.  It was a little small on its own for my bouquet, but I knew I could take it apart and add in some personal touches.  So that's exactly what I did!

For my bouquet, I added in a couple white peonies, a couple of white peony buds, pink peonies (light & bright), a few green ranunculas, some green button poms, some sparkly crystal picks (from hobby lobby: pink, green, and clear), and wrapped it all up with some fuchsia colored ribbon (also from hobby lobby). Some of the exact flowers I used are no longer available, but I tried to link to some that were similar.  This might change over time.  Ashley's Maid of Honor bouquet was similar to mine, just a little smaller and not as many peonies.  The other 4 bridesmaids bouquets were the premade bouquet just like ours (taken apart of course), with a green ranunculas, and button poms. 

Sorry I don't have an actual tutorial for you, but you can google several ways on how to make a bouquet of your own. Two things to remember when making them is to keep the flowers tight and make sure it's not lopsided (I had to redo mine a couple of times after realizing it was lopsided!). 

Credits -
All bouquets made by: Yours Truly!
Photographs: Crossroads Photography
Ribbon & Sparkly Crystal Picks: Hobby Lobby

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Prayers requested!

I am requesting prayers for one of my best friends {Aimee} Mom, Linda, who recently found out she has stage 4 lung cancer.  They also found a spot on her brain and in the abdominal area.
Today is a very BIG day for Linda and her family; Doctors will be performing brain surgery to remove the tumor.  Please keep Linda, Aimee, her family, and the Doctor's & Nurses in your thoughts and prayers.

My heart is breaking for all of them and cannot imagine what they are going through right now.
Aimee, if you're reading this...WE LOVE YOU!

I found this on Pinterest and it is so fitting...

Changing it up!

I was getting bored with how my blog looked, and decided it was time to change it up a bit. 
I wanted it to be clean and non-distracting.  So I used a Zebra print stretch background, and created my own blog header with

Let me know if you'd like to know how to create your own blog header using
It was very quick & easy!!

What do you think?  I think it's totally me!! :)

PS - Next week I will start sharing some of our DIY Wedding details!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Expressions Vinyl Teacher Pack

Hey Everyone!! School is getting ready to start, and what better way to get your room ready by adding some fun vinyl to your boards!  Expressions Vinyl is now offering a Teachers Pack for only $49.99, valued at over $75.  The Teacher Pack includes:
  • 1 - 12"x5 yard roll of Black Indoor Vinyl
  • 1 - 12"x24" sheet of Chalkboard Vinyl
  • 1 - White Chalkboard Marker
  • 1 - Application Tool
  • 3 - 8-1/2"x11" Inkjet Printable Vinyl Sheets
  • 1 - 12"x12" Economy Laminate
  • 5 - 12"x24" Transfer Tape Sheets
  • 10 - 12"x12" Indoor Vinyl Sheets - White, Brown, Red, Lime Tree Green, Pink, Purple, Orange, Light Yellow, Gentian, Beige
  • 10 - 6"x12" Indoor Vinyl Sheets - Burgundy, Persimmon, Lavender, Soft Pink, Light Blue, Olive, Turquoise, Light Brown, Silver, Gold
  • 10 - 6"x12" Outdoor Vinyl Sheets - White, Red, Pink, Lime Tree Green, Orange, Purple, Soft Pink, Silver, Light Yellow, Gentian
Heck this is a great deal for whoever, even if you aren't a teacher!!  Coupons aren't eligible for this item, however they do offer FREE SHIPPING on orders over $75 everyday!