Friday, September 30, 2011

Girls Weekend - Bridesmaid dress hunting

That's right...tomorrow is the day me and my girls (minus 1) are going Bridesmaid dress shopping in the {big} city!  I'm so excited, I can't wait to see what we come up with!  I've had a few idea's in my head for awhile now and some pinned on pinterest.  Our colors are Raspberry Pink (Fuchsia), Navy, and Lime Green.  I'm thinking Navy for their dresses would be really classic and pretty.  Here are some inspiration pins that I pinned on Pinterest...

Navy dress and white flowers, loving the contrast
These dresses are really cute!

Our color combos put into action! ;)

So that's just some inspiration, not necessarily what we'll go with. 

So back to why I'm minus 1 girl for the weekend (Ashley S), which is a total bummer, but totally great excuse...she's about to have baby #2!  I'm so excited for her!!  She's really close to her due date, like I think it's this weekend, but earlier this week the doctor told her they'd see her Monday for a check up.  So hopefully any day now she'll have that baby!!  

I'm leaving this afternoon, picking up Ashley L on the way and we're heading to stay with Aimee.  Mel and Danielle will be meeting up with us tomorrow for dress shopping and then Girls Night out!  We'll be starting off with my Funky Zebra party I mentioned a couple weeks ago, and then will continue our Girls Night!  We're going to have so much fun, seriously can't wait!! 

Ashley L


Ashley S

Yep, those are my girls...they are gorgeously awesome!!  Hope you all have a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fall touches

Fall has arrived at our house...the inside of our house that is!  And I'm totally loving it! 

Last week I got out my big box of fall decorations and started going through everything.  It was like Christmas y'all; I forgot that I had purchased a bunch of stuff last year on sale.  So that's always exciting!!  As always, I decorated the bookcase in our living room, and some other random places that I didn't take pictures of.  I wish I had more room to decorate, but I'm happy with what I have. 

For some reason that's always a hard picture for me to capture, always ends up crooked and really tall!  Oh well.  Let's see some closeups of the shelves...

Top Shelf: Autumn Subway Art Tile, 3 wooden pumpkins purchased last year from HL,
and candle from Kohls clearance a couple years ago.

2nd Shelf: Wire Pumpkin Votive purchased last year at Holiday Mart $4.99 (purchased 3),
Leaf Candle Holder was a gift, Pumpkin Plate purchased from Pier 1.
I won the Countdown Blocks, made by Alayna's Creations.
3rd Shelf (bad picture, sorry): Trick or Treat tin sign purchased years ago (just found, ha)
from Cracker Barrel on clearance, wooden pumpkin from True Value on clearance last year,
Wire Pumpkin Votive (part of the set purchased above)
4th Shelf: Wooden Halloween picture holder (clips on the back of the characters),
purchased this year from Pier 1.  I love the characters on top!
Bottom Shelf: Fall Floral that I created last year for about $10

Minus the scratches, I love this little sign!
I think it was like $1 or 2 on clearance!

Closeup of the Wire Pumpkin Votive holders...I just love these, so cute!
I need to find some of those faux tealight things, would be perfect!

I can't wait to decorate the front of our porch, just waiting a little bit longer so my pumpkins won't be nasty before Halloween.  I loved our porch last year, I wish I would've taken a picture...bummer!  But yes, as you can tell Fall has really been on my mind lately.  Have you had the Fall inspired Ice Cream from Schwans?!  It's called Autumn Treat, and my-oh-my is it fabulous!!  It's pumpkin flavored ice cream, swirled with cinnamon, and praline pecans.  You've got to try it if you order from Schwans!

Have you done any fall decorating yet?!

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Autumn Subway Art Tile

Yep, you guessed it...I created another seasonal tile for my house, and I love it!  The tile I used was really fun; yellowish tan, cream, and brown all mixed in.  I used white vinyl this time instead of black, I really like the way it looks. 

I started off by using CDS, typing in all of the words that reminded me of fall, and laying them out the way I wanted.  I cut the "regular" font words using Plantin Schoolbook cartridge first.  Then I added the "Autumn" using Stretch Your Imagination cartridge, and cut it out.  I used transfer paper to transfer it to the tile...and let me tell you I had a mess!  There were so many letters, and they all wanted to stick on the tile before I could get it lined up.  It was crooked, so I ended up having to fix it manually...which is how I normally place the words, without the transfer paper.  Next time I'll go back to manually placing the letters on the tile, or I'll get it on the transfer paper first, then cut it into sections.  It might be easier to work with that way.

So the point of that little story was to say that I do have mess ups and fails, even though I don't share them with you!!  But that's live and learn!  ;) 

I'm feeling some generosity coming in the future, might have to do a giveaway of a tile.  What kind of tile would you guys like to win?  Autumn, Halloween, Thanksgiving, or something else?  Let's hear it!

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Friday, September 23, 2011

MyMemories Blog Simply Fall Challenge

It's been awhile since I have done any digital scrapbooking, so today I thought I would give it a try.  MyMemories Blog is hosts a Challenge each Wednesday, and this week was a "Fall" challenge, not just about the Fall season, but Fall anything.  I wanted to use a picture from our Colorado trip that we took over Labor Day weekend.  This is what I came up with...

It's the truth...I fell head over heels in love with D and still am to this day!!  I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with him as his wife!!  Our trip to Colorado was good for us, ya know, just to get away and not have to worry about much.  So I thought this picture was perfect, especially with the gorgeous scenery behind us.  It's simple.  I love it.

Oh and if you want to get an exclusive Designer Pack from MyMemories for Free, head on over to their blog and click "Exclusive" on the left side.  Then you will share their page with your friends on facebook and it will unlock it for you.  The paper I'm using and lacy frame is from the exclusive pack, and there is a lot more than just those 2.  I LOVE it! 

Oh and don't forget, as an affiliate of MyMemories, I can also save you $10 off MyMemories Suite v2 Software and $10 in free products from  When you go to check out just enter in promo code STMMMS41141.  Easy peasy!

Next week I have all sorts of posts lined up: 2 recipes, fall decor, and another tile to reveal!  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Shabby Apple {promo code}

I'm really excited about my newest Affiliate Program...Shabby Apple!!  Have you heard of them?  Have you browsed their website?!  No...well you should, like right now, I promise you'll be hooked!!  They have the caaautest ladies dresses, even for maternity, and even some children/baby

Their clothing is very feminine, vintage, and just all around fabulous!  They have some great accessories, including shoes, that are pretty cute also. 

Here are a few of my favorites...
Atlantic Fog

Mauna Kea
Black Oak

So what are your favorites?!  I would love to hear what you picked out!!

Oh and PS...what if I could give you a promo code to save you some moolah on your Shabby Apple order?  Would you like that?!  Well good...just enter in IVY and you'll receive 15% off!! :)
Dresses from Shabby Apple

Disclaimer: I am an affiliate of Shabby Apple, but I was not compensated for this post. All opinions are my own.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Eventful weekend...

We had an eventful weekend...most good, part of it not so good!

Not so good party first...Friday afternoon, D and I headed out to eat lunch together at our favorite local Mexican restaurant (we call it Mexico).  On our way there, D was called out on a fire...30+ hay bails were on fire out on a farm, not to mention it's been so dry here.  He went out on the fire call, and I ordered a couple of sandwiches to go instead of Mexico.  I was sitting here at work, when D called about 20 minutes later...he was headed to the ER.  My.heart.sunk.  Luckily it wasn't anything too bad, but he did slice his finger open to the bone.  It was pretty nasty looking, and even took a picture (his idea!), but I'll spare you the gross-ness!  So you want to know how it happened?  There was a tractor and implement sitting there in the way, pretty close to the fire.  They wanted to get it moved, so D was holding the tractor hitch.  A classmate/good friend of his (that's whose farm it was) was in the tractor trying to get the hitch and implement hooked up.  The clutch slipped, which made the tractor jump back and it smashed D's thumb in between.  He immediately tried yanking it out, but that didn't work.  Finally he got it out, and took his glove  So the fire dept got the ambulance out there and took him in, and I met him there.  He was in a lot of pain, they had to numb it twice before they could do the stitches, which he ended up only having to have 5.  I figured he would've gotten more, but they spaced them out.  So that's how our weekend started...we didn't go back to work after that, the day was already shot.  The pain meds didn't really help him, just made him dizzy.  He took it easy most of the weekend, minus getting our pictures taken and cleaned up the shed.

D and his poor thumb...still handsome!! ;)
On to the good...Saturday morning I spent awhile getting our outfits together for pictures, and getting ready.  I don't like being rushed when I have to curl my hair and make sure its just the way I want it!  LOL!  We headed to Hays in the afternoon to get our pictures taken.  At first we were really worried about the weather; it was cool with an overcast.  We were totally wrong, they turned out awesome!!  We didn't have to worry about the sun, sweat, and got to use some new spots they have been waiting to use until the perfect day.  Lucky for us, Saturday was "that" day!  I think we shot for about 2.5 hours, and we loved it.  They had a sneak peak on facebook later that night, only 5 pictures on there, but were amazing!  We couldn't wait to see the rest.  As soon as they send us our CD, I'll share some with you all.

On our way for pictures!
My new boots!

Bernie even got to go along! :)
Sunday we lounged around the house for awhile, watched a little football, and then I decided to clean the house.  It seriously needed it, I had neglected it for quite sometime!  Once I start cleaning, it's hard for me to stop!  I got everything dusted and took down my summery decor, then I got out my fall stuff.  You guys, it was seriously like Christmas for me!!  I purchased stuff last year after fall, and I had forgotten all about it!  I was so excited!  Remember last years fall decor?  Well it's a little different this year, and I LOVE it!  Post on that later this week!  Now I just need to get my porch in gear: pumpkins, mums, fire pots, etc.  Ahhh!  I also plan on re-painting 2 small side tables with some ORB.  Was going to do that yesterday, but it was a smidge breezy out.

Oh, and something else I wanted to share...I had a fun and exciting opportunity offered to me Friday morning!  There is a funky boutique here in my {small} hometown, that has decided to branch out and do home parties.  That's where I come in...I'm their newest "rep/consultant", which I'm super pumped about!  It's still very new to them and me, but I really hope it takes off...we could use a little extra cash!  They offer FuNky, FuN, FaBulouS and AfFOrdaBLe jewelry, hair accessories, hats, purses, and clothing!  It's not your regular catalog party with the same boring stuff; you purchase what is on hand, which is always changing...even better!  I think these parties will be a fun Girls Night Out!!  You know do a little "shopping", drink some wine, and eat cupcakes...what gets better than that?!! :)  I believe my first party will be in a couple of weeks when I head back to the {big} city to go shopping for my bridesmaid dresses!  And yes I will be traveling for some of these fun parties!! :)  So stay tuned, you might get to see some posts from the parties!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Pulled Pork Pizza

Have you already had Pulled Pork sandwiches for the last 2 days, and you're wondering what to do with all of those Pulled Pork leftovers?  I had the same dilemma the other night!  We have a traveling BBQ guy that comes to town about once a month or so, and we always get Pulled Pork in bulk, usually a pound.  We love it, it's so good!!  This time we ordered some other stuff to go along with it, so we had a bunch of meat leftover.  I did some searching on Pinterest and found a pin for Pulled Pork Pizza, I immediately was intrigued!  I decided to make this recipe over at Apple A Day, pretty much the same but I did make some changes.  It was the yummiest, most different (in a good way), pizza I've ever had!!  The BBQ sauce gave it an awesome "tangyness", and the veggies gave it extra flavor.  We will be making more of this in the future!

Ingredients: - yield 1 pizza
1/2 lb pulled pork (approximately 1.5 to 2 cups)
Pizza Crust (I used store bought pre-made, but you can make your own if you wish)
3/4 cup favorite BBQ sauce (we used Curley's Hickory BBQ Sauce)
1/2 yellow onion, diced
1/2 red bell pepper, sliced
2 large garlic cloves, minced
Mozzarella cheese
Cheddar cheese
olive oil (for crust and to saute veggies)
Crushed Red Pepper & Black Pepper (to taste)

1. Preheat oven as directed on pizza crust package (we did 425), and if you're using a pizza stone this is when you'll want to put it in the oven.
2. Brush some olive oil on the crust and set aside.  Once oven is preheated, you can put your pre-made crust in for 3-5 min just to help it get a little crunchy (last part is optional).
3. Heat up some olive oil in skillet.  On medium heat, add in the minced garlic first for about 30 seconds to 1 minute (be careful not to burn it, just want to lightly brown it), then add in the other veggies.  Saute for maybe 7-10 minutes, depending on how "crunchy" you like your veggies.
4. Cut up pulled pork if its in big chunks.  In a small bowl take 3 tbsp of BBQ sauce and coat the pulled pork. 
5. Use the remaining BBQ sauce for the crust, evenly spreading it on like pizza sauce.
6. Top it off with your pulled pork, sauteed veggies, cheeses, and seasoning.
7. Put on preheated pizza stone, bake for 8 minutes until cheese is melted and edges are brown.

nom nom nom!

Ok, no more guessing what we're going to make with leftover Pulled Pork!! :) Just talking about this is making me super hungry!! 

What is your favorite thing to do with leftover Pulled Pork, besides sandwiches?  Oh and if you have a great Pulled Pork recipe, please do share (been looking for one to try someday)!

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Friday, September 16, 2011

Sneak Peak - Engagement picture prop

I was going to post a yummy recipe for y'all, but I decided to wait until Monday!  I promise, it's already scheduled and everything.  Instead I'm giving you a little sneak peek into something that will be a prop in our engagement pictures!!  Exciting, right?! 

We are getting our Engagement pictures taken tomorrow evening by Crossroads Photography, and couldn't be more excited about it.  We have our outfits picked out (2 for sure and possibly a 3rd), and some fun idea's in our heads.  I'll be sure to share some of them whenever we get them back.

Back to that prop...well I busted out the ol' Cricut and Cricut Design Studio (CDS) software I purchased awhile back on eBay, it was my first time using it and I liked it a lot.  I'm sure there are some amazing things it can do, but I just used the basics for this project.  I wanted to be able to lay it all out and see what it would look like before I actually put it together...turned out great! 

Here is a sneak'll have to wait to see the project until we get our pictures back!!! :)

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and enjoy the fallish weather!! :)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Winning...ruffled hoodie & countdown blocks

First off, I won a super cute Ruffled Zip Up Hoodie from Dear Lillie a couple months back, made by Evy's Tree.  I totally forgot to do a little blurb about it, but I really do love it!  I took this hoodie with us when we went to Colorado, it was cute and kept me warm!  I can't wait to wear it in the fall with some cute jeans and boots.  Dear Lillie has fun tutorials on house decor, awesome photography, and their own store where you can purchase some of the things you see on their blog.  This is by far one of my favorite blogs, too cute!

So cute, don't you just love it?!
Click here to order yours (they have other colors/styles)!!
Next I won some Countdown Blocks from Ginger Snap Crafts a couple of weeks ago, made by Alaynas Creations.  They are super cute, and I can't wait to start using them.  The "backgrounds" on each side of the blocks are different and cute, and the numbers are done in white vinyl.  Ginger Snap Crafts blog is loaded with awesome tutorials (click to go see all of them), and she even hosts a {Wow Me} Wednesday linky party every Wednesday, and then feature's her fav's (I party there).  I seriously love her blog, it's awesome. 

Click here to check out other Countdown Blocks she offers

Be sure to go check out Dear Lillie and Ginger Snap Creations blogs for some fun!!!

I was not compensated to do a blurb about these blogs, I just think it's nice to show some love!! :)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Grandma's Dill Pickles

Growing up, I always looked forward to family functions out at my Grandparents farm (still do).  She always would have a yummy veggie tray loaded with goodies, but I always went for the dill pickles.  To heck with everything else, that stuff was for the birds!  Her pickles were my favorite and still are to this day!  Maybe it's the fact they come straight out of her garden, put into her seasonings, canned in her own kitchen, and kept in her cellar.  Maybe it's because they have just the right amount of dill.  I'm not really sure why, but I love 'em!  So when we planted our own garden this year, we made sure to plant plenty of cucumbers.  As you know our garden hasn't had the best of luck this year, but eventually those cucumbers started to come around (and still are).  I was excited when I had enough to can 3 jars of our own last week, plus 2 jars of spears from D's Grandpa's garden.  We still have to wait another few weeks before we can break into them, but I just had to share the recipe.

Cucumbers - washed and ready to go
1 gallon water, boiling in pot for brine
1 teaspoon Alum (it helps keep it crisp, found in the seasoning section)
1 scant cup Pickling Salt
1 cup Cider Vinegar
Fresh Dill Sprigs
Canning Jars
Large Stock Pot (plus pot to put brine in)

1. Wash the jars and lids in hot soapy water, rinse well.  In large stock pot, fill with hot water and turn on to low-medium heat.  Place clean jars in warm water in the large stock pot to keep them hot until your ready to fill them with cucumbers.  This is how you start any canning process.
2. Bring 1 gallon of water to boil in pot.
3. Add in 1 teaspoon of alum, scant cup of pickling salt, and 1 cup cider vinegar.
4. Put Cucumbers in clean jars with a stem or 2 of dill (depends on how big the stems are)
5. Pour hot brine over pickles up to the rim of the jar, screw lid on tight.
6. Put back into the same large stock pot of water, with the lid to the bottom of the pot. Make sure there is enough water to cover the lids of the jars.
7. Bring water to a boil for 15 minutes.
8. Take jars out, set right side up on a towel and let cool (might be a few hours or more).
9. Once cool, store in a cool place.  They are ready to eat in 3 weeks.

Tips: If you have a jar that doesn't seal properly, you can store it in the refrigerator for 3 weeks and then eat.  If you have a small batch and have brine leftover, you can keep that stored in the refrigerator until you get more pickles.  You can also cut the recipe in half if you don't have a lot of pickles.

This was my very first attempt to can anything, so I was pretty excited, but pretty nervous at the same time.  I cut the recipe in half, which did 3 jars.  I made another 1/2 batch for the last 2 jars.  All of my lids sealed the way they were supposed too, yay!!  I'll let you know in a few weeks how they taste! ;) 

Have you been doing any canning lately?

Let me know if you have any questions!!

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Monday, September 12, 2011

Misc Monday

I haven't done a random post lately, and I feel like today is a great day to do so!  I'm hoping to do more of these in the future, based on random pictures from my phone.

I love me some Starbucks Skinny Vanilla Latte (Iced or Hot, either one), but there isn't a Starbucks anywhere near us.  There are a couple of other coffee shops about an hour away, but still I can't have it when I need/want it.  A few weeks ago, I discovered Seattle's Best Coffee Iced Vanilla Latte, and the best part is I can get it at my local gas station!  It gets me by when I'm having a craving or need me a pick-me-up (like today)!

Saturday me and bestie {Ashley} met up for lunch, mani/pedi, and did a little shopping.  I got my hair highlighted and cut first, then her and I went to lunch.  We had a noon bevy, which both were amazing {pomegranate marg & blue raspberry marg}, which also helped us relax a little bit for our mani/pedi session.  I normally don't get mani's for 1 specific reason, and I should've stuck by it...they don't last.  I got a french tip mani, and were chipped within a couple hours.  They are even worse today.  I got them done, because our engagement pictures are this coming Saturday...looks like I'll have to paint them myself before then. :( However, my french tip pedi looks fab.  For some reason, pedi's last longer, and I love it!  Do you have any tips to get a mani to last longer?  After that we did some shopping, I got Dustin and pair of jeans and 2 shirts from The Buckle for our engagement pictures...he actually LOVED it {mark that in the books}!  I got some shirts from Maurices {my fav btw}, along with a couple necklaces.  I'm getting really excited for our pictures!

Pomegranate Marg & Blue Raspberry Marg
Already chipped :(


Sunday, D and I went to Andrew & Ashley's house for some grilled burgers, dove, and pheasant.  D and I took over some fresh watermelon straight from our garden, they loved it!  We watched the KC Chiefs game, which it wasn't much of one.  Total bummer...but we did enjoy our company!  Are you excited that football has started?!

Fresh watermelon from our garden

Speaking of garden, I'll be sharing my Grandma's Dill Pickle recipe with you tomorrow!!  I'm about to can more pickles, probably later this excited!!  We have a few Jalapenos, 4-5 small bell peppers coming in, and lots of okra about ready to be picked also.  There are a few little tomatoes, but still tiny and green.  We just picked a bunch of medium sized Zucchini, going to grill some up tonight with Ribeye steaks.  I'm amazed that our garden hung on this long, and now that the weather is cooling down, things are starting to come in.

What's been going on in your life lately...anything fun and random?!

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If I didn't already have one, I would totally get in on this deal.  You can do so much with a Cricut, the possibilities are endless.  All you need to do is purchase the Groupon, follow the rules, order your Cricut online, and then you'll be set!   There are limited quantities available, and you must use the Groupon by March 15, 2012.  This deal will be going on for 2 more days, better hurry!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Camping in the mountains

This week has been a little crazy catching up at work, which is why this post is a little delayed. 

As you know we went to Colorado for Labor Day weekend, and we had a BLAST!  We camped Friday night and Saturday night, headed back to Denver Sunday morning. 

Friday when we got there it started down pouring, so we waited to set up camp.  We finally got camp set up (there were 9 of us Friday and 12 of us Saturday), grilled some burgers for supper, hung around the fire, and played some "louisville chugger".  It was rather entertaining to say the least! 

Saturday I think we were wide awake at like 7am, because 1.) we were freezing, and 2.) the sun was really bright!  I think the lows were in the lower 40's at night, it was pretty cold.  The guys made us some yummy breakfast burritos, we all got ready, and headed to the marina.  We rented a pontoon boat, it was awesome!  We cruised around Green Mountain Reservoir lake for the whole day which consisted of: most of our crew jumped off of a 60 ft cliff into the freezing water (ok probably wasn't freezing, more like in the 60's, which is pretty cold), drank beers and summer brew, hung out on a random "island", fished, and soaked up the gorgeous scenery.  Notice I said most of our crew jumped off a massive cliff, I was not one of them; just couldn't get myself to jump in the water, climb up the cliffs, and jump back into the cold water and be miserable for the rest of the day.  One girl didn't jump straight down, her legs were out in front of her, and when she landed she bruised immediately.  Like so bad her bruise was bleeding within 5 minutes of her getting back on the boat.  She hit pretty hard.  Brutal.  D was one of them that jumped, he wasn't too excited about doing it let alone after he did it.  Saturday night we went back to our camp site, ate some food, hung out for awhile, and then off to bed we went. 

Sunday morning rolled around, we packed up and headed back to Denver.  D, Blake, and I decided to have Sunday Funday downtown after we got cleaned up.  We started at Brothers with a beer, had an amazing steak sandwich at Appaloosa for lunch, went to Paramount had the biggest foo-foo drink ever (Woo Tang), headed over to Coyote Ugly played some pool, went to Lucky Strike for a couple games of bowling, and finished up at the Tilted Kilt for supper.  I was done by the time we got to Tilted Kilt, it was fun, but a long day! 

Monday D and I headed shopping, got my first pair of cowgirl boots, and a cute dress for our engagement pictures.  We headed home late Monday afternoon, and we were both wore out.  Here are some pictures from our trip...

Pretty Lake

Maggie - Blake's dog

Me & my love

Isn't is gorgeous?!

Look can see 4 of the guys getting ready to jump
One  of them jumping and his shadow!


Oscar...he was my buddy for the weekend!
He looked like a gremlin with really long legs!

Love it!

Babe thought he had a fish, but didn't end up being anything but a snag!

How Appaloosa Grill served their water!

Biggest (34 oz) foo-foo drink ever...Woo Tang is on the right and it was tasty!

Coyote Ugly

All in all it was a great weekend!!!

Last night was my first night back subbing for bowling, should be a fun year!  However, I won't be able to go to State again, it's way to close to the wedding.  Tomorrow I'm getting my hair did, mani/pedi, and do a little shopping with the bestie.  Pretty excited!!  Hope you all have a great weekend!

PS - Next week I'll be sharing my Grandma's Dill Pickle recipe and hopefully some other fun stuff!!  Stay tuned! ;)