Thursday, October 28, 2010

Holiday Mart & Chiefs Game weekend!

Last week I mentioned we were going out of town for a long weekend filled with shopping and the KC Chiefs football game.  Here is a little tidbit of all we did over the weekend, along with a lot of pictures!!

Friday afternoon we got on the road, and along the way we picked up my brother and his gf.  We got to the big city late that night, and decided we were going to wind down with a couple of beers at a local sports bar nearby.  Saturday we all got up and helped my mom move out some old furniture and set up her "new" bedroom set in the guest room.  It was only 9am and we had already worked up a big sweat!  After working up a sweat, us girls were ready to head to the annual Holiday Mart for an all day long shopping extravaganza!  We had so much fun, and even had to stop a few times for a beer break (yeah, they sold beer, wine, and mixers to help you spend more money...genius idea if you ask me!)!!  At the very end we couldn't find my mom; we were pretty sure that the security guards kicked her out because she was probably passed out in the corner somewhere!  Low and behold we found her in the middle of this huge conference room empty handed, because she downed her Amaretto Sour in like 2.5 seconds (we were still working on our beer)!  We ended up getting some really neat stuff!  Here are some pictures we took on my phone (sorry for the horrible quality) of stuff we loved but didn't end up buying (we were just being goofy)!

Loved this sparkly head band on her!
She went back to get it and it was gone :(

We both loved these sweaters/cardigans/vest shirts!
We ended up getting some similar ones at Kohls and Maurices!

My "Snooki" sunglasses!
(my nose looks huge, sick!)
Loved, LOVED, this sign!
I love these hats!
Saturday night we went out to one of our good friends new house they just bought.  It is really cute, wish I would've gotten some pictures!  But we couldn't stay very long because we had to get up super early for the Chiefs game.  I think I ended up getting 5 hours of sleep after a really long day of moving furniture and shopping!  We survived though!  We went out really early to get in line to get a good tailgate spot, like we were there by 8 and the gates didn't open until after 8:30.  We got an awesome spot!  We played Ladder Toss, grilled up some wings, hot dogs, and hamburgers, and I made some of these Peanut Butter Bars (which were to die for, btw...thanks to Mandy over at Sugar Bee Craft Edition - I'll post about those another time!), and drank a few beers before heading into the game.  The Chiefs Stadium was renovated after last season, and they did such a great job!  The Chiefs played amazingly awesome, it was such a great game!  Here are some pictures...


love him!

Sea of RED!

Cheerleaders made a heart

getting ready to score!

Mom and her old high school friend!

Gma & Gpa!

Ash...doesn't she look awry

me and my love!

me and my love again!

met up with one of my other really good friends, Dani!

Ash and Brett

Us 3 taking a break, getting some food and drinks!

Me and Ash having fun!

Whew...that was a lot of pictures! 

A recap of the long weekend...did tons of walking, shopping, eating, and a little drinking!  It was such a great weekend!