Wednesday, October 13, 2010

multiple {fur}sonalities

I wanted to post something fun to break up some of the yummy food recipes I've posted here lately.  Don't worry, I have a few more where those came from ready to share!!!  I promise, you won't starve!

I've posted a couple of pictures of my super cute dog, Bernie (if you haven't seen some of the posts where Bernie was featured, go here).  I've never posted just about him, so I thought it would be kind of fun!

A little background on the little guy...
D got Bernie off of his work (then) "for-sale" board, but for FREE (yeah, I said FREE!!)!  He was about 8 months old and lived with a very caring family, but unfortunately the husband/father traveled a lot for business and the wife/mother had some little ones of her own.  So instead of keeping Bernie and neglecting him, they wanted to give him away to someone that would love and care for him like any pet deserves.  So Dustin scooped him right up!  Fast forward a year later, and I came into D & Bernie's world.  I the moment I met Bernie!  He's so cute, cuddly, and oh I just wanted to squeeze him!  He is the coolest small dog I've ever been around; he has the greatest personality to match his cuteness!  He doesn't yip (like most small dogs), hardly barks (unless there is a HUGE dog, squirrel, cat, or even potting soil that looks like something that will attack him, in the area), will bark if he senses "danger" (he barked when D was standing on the front porch one night trying to get in!), and gets very excited and starts to "talk" to us if he hears the words "wanna go for a ride or wanna go bye-bye?"!  He is pretty chill most of the time though, and loves to cuddle (of course with his mama!)! 

Ok, so back to last week we were hanging out, watching TV and he came to lay with me on the couch...with his favorite duck in his mouth.  He wasn't letting that thing out of sight, like it was his baby!  It was so cute!

And he has multiple {fur}sonalities (haha, get it?!)...I was having a little fun on!!

In his everyday cuteness!!

Better watch out Jacob and Edward, this Doggie Vampire (aka The Bern-Turd) is going to take over Twilight!

Yep, even Bern-Turd supports Breast Cancer Awareness!!  He says help Save the Ta-Ta's!
  Have a great week!! :)

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