Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Weekend update and Randoms!

This is going to be a random post filled with a weekend update, and other random stuff...

Let's start with the weekend (I didn't get any pictures, so bare with me!)...what a good way to start off this little post!  Friday after work I headed back to my {small} hometown with a couple of things on my agenda: 1.) My Aunt & Uncle from Colorado came back to see the fam, 2.) To help my Dad get my brothers old room set up for Guests.  Friday night after I got to town, my Dad and Brother went out to eat supper together.  Has anyone ever tried Frog Legs?!  My dad ordered them, and let's just say I wasn't a fan even though he loved them!  It tasted nothing like Chicken like people say, but at the same time what normally does taste like Chicken when it's not Chicken?!?!  Anyways, we went back to his house and got the carpet shampooed in my brothers old room.  Saturday morning we all got up and went to the local Pumpkin Patch with my Aunt & Uncle and their 2 kids.  We had alot of fun!  I got some awesome looking pumpkins for our porch, and we got to make S'mores for 25 cents (yeah, super cheap and super yummy)!!  For lunch we went to my Grandma's house, and she made us some Bierocks to eat!  Then it was time to go back and help my Dad set up me and D's old bed that we don't have room for in our new house.  We really did work up a sweat and thirst, so we had to take a short break and drink a beer!  Once we got it set up, we realized we didn't have any sheets, pillows, or comforters for it, so off to the store we went.  We had fun picking out bedding...or should I say Ashley and I had fun and Dad just agreed to whatever we thought looked good!  Went back home, washed everything, made the bed and it was ready for me to sleep in that night...I was excited!  After we were done, we had worked up even more of a thirst so we had a couple more beers.  We really had a chance to bond, which was awesome!  Saturday night I went back over to my Grandma's before we all went bowling, and she made us Butterball Soup and German Potatoes & Dumplings (can't spell what it's really called!)  Those are both German foods, along with the Bierocks.  I love all 3 of those!!  After stuffing our faces we went bowling...Cosmic Bowling nonetheless!  It was fun!  It was such a good weekend, and glad I went back.

Other random thoughts...

I had the yummiest breakfast this morning...Athenos Greek Strained Yogurt w/ Honey, and Natures Path Organic Pumpkin Flax Plus Granola!  I must say I'm not too into Yogurt, but I fell.in.love with this stuff!  I bought it at Walmart for a buck, and it come with a little thing of Honey to add to it.  Then I just added some Granola to it, which made it even yummier!  I can't wait to eat more of it, it was that good!

This week D and I will be gearing up for another weekend trip back to the big city.  It's going to be a fun weekend, and I seriously can.not.wait!  My Grandparents, Brother Brett and Ashley, and D & I are all going to see my mom for the weekend, and to have a little fun!  Us girls are going to this Holiday Mart (annual shopping event with tons of little boutiques, and fun retailers from all over the US all under one roof!) on Saturday, while the guys will go do something else (like golf or Bass Pro Shops or Cabelas..ya know stuff that guys like to do!).  Sunday we are going to the KC Chiefs vs. Jacksonville Jaguars game (I'll be the one in RED!)...GO CHIEFS

D and I back in 2007 at the KC Chiefs game!
(we've been to more since then, just can't find any pictures!)
 One other random thing...I'll be posting 2 more recipes that I made last week that happen to be some of our favorite dishes, especially now that it's starting to get cool out!  I'm getting hungry just thinking about them........mmm!  Have a great week! :)