Thursday, October 7, 2010

House Warming Party!

This is the first little bit of time I've had to blog all week!  Monday was a little busy since October just started, Tuesday me & the other secretary had to go to a meeting super early in the morning, yesterday I was catching up on stuff from Tuesday!

Friday night I was still preparing for our Housewarming the house so it would look perfect, and everything else in between!  Saturday morning I started cooking the last of what needed to be done, little did I know it would take me every second up to when the party was supposed to start to get everything done!  My Grandparents (the ones who've been married 61 years!) showed up early that afternoon so they would have more time to spend with us.  My Grandma Jean, being the awesome Grandma that she is, helped me out with EVERYTHING that I had left to prepare.  I will cherish that moment forever!!  (When I was little we used to bake all the time, so it really brought back some great memories!)  My Dad and brother Brett came shortly after them, and then my Mom, my other Grandparents (they have been married close to 55 years), and my oldest brother Jerrod and sister in-law came.  Before the party officially started our house was full and we were surrounded by the people we love!  And D, Jerrod, and my Dad were having fun out on the porch getting the party started (early)!  After we were done getting stuff ready everyone started showing up; we ate tons of good and had a great time!  We got a lot of awesome comments on our house. 

Here are some pictures from the party...there weren't a whole lot as we were trying to mingle as much as possible.  I will do a seperate post on the food (the stuff I actually took a picture of!) with the recipes to go with them.  Enjoy!
D's mom and some of our other friends!

my cousin and his wife...totally surprised us!

my oldest brother, Jerrod

me and my friend Holly

me and my other brother, Brett!

me and my friend Ashley

Jerrod keeping it very classy at our house...!

Bernie telling me it was time for bed!
 Here are just a few of the gifts we got, and I can not wait to get them situated in our house!!!

Adorable Ceramic Tile from my cousin and his wife!
Cute picture frame from my Dad and his gf
(and i got bernie to pose!)

Cute Fall hanging from some of D's parents friends!
Love it!