Sunday, May 26, 2013

Headed to Cozumel & Our Honeymoon 1 year later!

I haven't posted a whole lot this year...I've just been in a rut lately. I've been busy trying to enjoy life and everything is has to offer, that I just haven't felt like sharing a whole lot. I hope that changes, but our summer is about to get really crazy (once again), so we will see how things go.

On a much happier and excited note, we head to Cozumel Mexico this week! We are going down with some friends, will stay for a week, and then come home! As you read here, a few months ago we were trying to decide between Cabo & Cozumel. Seeing that I didn't receive any feedback, we made our decision based on price and availability.

We are going with Mel, her husband Dustin, and another couple. I couldn't be anymore excited for this trip, it's like a late anniversary get away (we just celebrated that 1 month ago).

I also realized that I never blogged about our honeymoon we took to The Bahamas! We were there for 6 days, and loved every minute of it! We stayed at Sandals Emerald Bay in Great Exuma. OMG, talk about an amazing resort! The views were breathtaking, the resort staff was always so very friendly, food was pretty good, and the drinks were awesome!

We did a lot of activities at the resort: Golf, lay out by the pool & ocean, massages, walk up & down the pretty beach, swim, canoe, and participated in the events during day/night. We also took an excursion that we booked through the resort, which later found out you could get it cheaper if you booked outside the resort (same excursion company, and places visited). It was amazing! It was probably a 4-5 hour tour, went to several islands and stopped, fed iguanas grapes, went snorkeling, saw million dollar islands/mansions owned by celebrities, and just enjoyed the whole ocean. We didn't get to swim with the pigs, which I was bummed about, but that was a little more than we wanted to spend.
Golfing on Sandals Emerald Bay Bahamas golf course

Great Exuma, Bahamas

Tim McGraw & Faith Hill private island in bahamas
Top & Middle photo is Tim McGraw & Faith Hill's private island. Sooo pretty!

excursion in Carribean Sea in Bahamas
LtoR: We found a huge starfish in the Caribbean Sea on our excursion
Us with the Caribbean Sea in the background
Feeding the Iguanas on excursion (I believe this was Nicholas Cage's Island)
D getting ready to eat what they called "sea cow" fresh out of Caribbean Sea

Atlantic Ocean meets Caribbean Sea in Bahamas
Caribbean meets the Atlantic!! Such a pretty sight!
We met 2 awesome couples, who we still keep in touch with on facebook! 1 was from TX, and the other was from KS (about 2.5 hours from where we live). Such a small world! We quickly became friends with Kevin & Kelly (KS), and Michelle & Pat (TX). Michelle & Pat were married on the same day as us, and Kevin & Kelly were celebrating their anniversary (something they do every year). We did a lot of things together in the evenings, so much fun!

Anyways, as we gear up for Mexico, I just thought I would share our honeymoon with you all. If you are thinking about going to the Bahamas, DO go to Sandals Emerald Bay! The town itself isn't a huge city like Nassau, but the scenery is gorgeous! We felt like we were almost on a secluded island. If you have any questions about Emerald Bay Sandals, leave a comment!!

Happy Memorial Day, everyone!! :)