Friday, September 16, 2011

Sneak Peak - Engagement picture prop

I was going to post a yummy recipe for y'all, but I decided to wait until Monday!  I promise, it's already scheduled and everything.  Instead I'm giving you a little sneak peek into something that will be a prop in our engagement pictures!!  Exciting, right?! 

We are getting our Engagement pictures taken tomorrow evening by Crossroads Photography, and couldn't be more excited about it.  We have our outfits picked out (2 for sure and possibly a 3rd), and some fun idea's in our heads.  I'll be sure to share some of them whenever we get them back.

Back to that prop...well I busted out the ol' Cricut and Cricut Design Studio (CDS) software I purchased awhile back on eBay, it was my first time using it and I liked it a lot.  I'm sure there are some amazing things it can do, but I just used the basics for this project.  I wanted to be able to lay it all out and see what it would look like before I actually put it together...turned out great! 

Here is a sneak'll have to wait to see the project until we get our pictures back!!! :)

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and enjoy the fallish weather!! :)