Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Eventful weekend...

We had an eventful weekend...most good, part of it not so good!

Not so good party first...Friday afternoon, D and I headed out to eat lunch together at our favorite local Mexican restaurant (we call it Mexico).  On our way there, D was called out on a fire...30+ hay bails were on fire out on a farm, not to mention it's been so dry here.  He went out on the fire call, and I ordered a couple of sandwiches to go instead of Mexico.  I was sitting here at work, when D called about 20 minutes later...he was headed to the ER.  My.heart.sunk.  Luckily it wasn't anything too bad, but he did slice his finger open to the bone.  It was pretty nasty looking, and even took a picture (his idea!), but I'll spare you the gross-ness!  So you want to know how it happened?  There was a tractor and implement sitting there in the way, pretty close to the fire.  They wanted to get it moved, so D was holding the tractor hitch.  A classmate/good friend of his (that's whose farm it was) was in the tractor trying to get the hitch and implement hooked up.  The clutch slipped, which made the tractor jump back and it smashed D's thumb in between.  He immediately tried yanking it out, but that didn't work.  Finally he got it out, and took his glove off...it.was.bad.  So the fire dept got the ambulance out there and took him in, and I met him there.  He was in a lot of pain, they had to numb it twice before they could do the stitches, which he ended up only having to have 5.  I figured he would've gotten more, but they spaced them out.  So that's how our weekend started...we didn't go back to work after that, the day was already shot.  The pain meds didn't really help him, just made him dizzy.  He took it easy most of the weekend, minus getting our pictures taken and cleaned up the shed.

D and his poor thumb...still handsome!! ;)
On to the good...Saturday morning I spent awhile getting our outfits together for pictures, and getting ready.  I don't like being rushed when I have to curl my hair and make sure its just the way I want it!  LOL!  We headed to Hays in the afternoon to get our pictures taken.  At first we were really worried about the weather; it was cool with an overcast.  We were totally wrong, they turned out awesome!!  We didn't have to worry about the sun, sweat, and got to use some new spots they have been waiting to use until the perfect day.  Lucky for us, Saturday was "that" day!  I think we shot for about 2.5 hours, and we loved it.  They had a sneak peak on facebook later that night, only 5 pictures on there, but were amazing!  We couldn't wait to see the rest.  As soon as they send us our CD, I'll share some with you all.

On our way for pictures!
My new boots!

Bernie even got to go along! :)
Sunday we lounged around the house for awhile, watched a little football, and then I decided to clean the house.  It seriously needed it, I had neglected it for quite sometime!  Once I start cleaning, it's hard for me to stop!  I got everything dusted and took down my summery decor, then I got out my fall stuff.  You guys, it was seriously like Christmas for me!!  I purchased stuff last year after fall, and I had forgotten all about it!  I was so excited!  Remember last years fall decor?  Well it's a little different this year, and I LOVE it!  Post on that later this week!  Now I just need to get my porch in gear: pumpkins, mums, fire pots, etc.  Ahhh!  I also plan on re-painting 2 small side tables with some ORB.  Was going to do that yesterday, but it was a smidge breezy out.

Oh, and something else I wanted to share...I had a fun and exciting opportunity offered to me Friday morning!  There is a funky boutique here in my {small} hometown, that has decided to branch out and do home parties.  That's where I come in...I'm their newest "rep/consultant", which I'm super pumped about!  It's still very new to them and me, but I really hope it takes off...we could use a little extra cash!  They offer FuNky, FuN, FaBulouS and AfFOrdaBLe jewelry, hair accessories, hats, purses, and clothing!  It's not your regular catalog party with the same boring stuff; you purchase what is on hand, which is always changing...even better!  I think these parties will be a fun Girls Night Out!!  You know do a little "shopping", drink some wine, and eat cupcakes...what gets better than that?!! :)  I believe my first party will be in a couple of weeks when I head back to the {big} city to go shopping for my bridesmaid dresses!  And yes I will be traveling for some of these fun parties!! :)  So stay tuned, you might get to see some posts from the parties!