Friday, September 9, 2011

Camping in the mountains

This week has been a little crazy catching up at work, which is why this post is a little delayed. 

As you know we went to Colorado for Labor Day weekend, and we had a BLAST!  We camped Friday night and Saturday night, headed back to Denver Sunday morning. 

Friday when we got there it started down pouring, so we waited to set up camp.  We finally got camp set up (there were 9 of us Friday and 12 of us Saturday), grilled some burgers for supper, hung around the fire, and played some "louisville chugger".  It was rather entertaining to say the least! 

Saturday I think we were wide awake at like 7am, because 1.) we were freezing, and 2.) the sun was really bright!  I think the lows were in the lower 40's at night, it was pretty cold.  The guys made us some yummy breakfast burritos, we all got ready, and headed to the marina.  We rented a pontoon boat, it was awesome!  We cruised around Green Mountain Reservoir lake for the whole day which consisted of: most of our crew jumped off of a 60 ft cliff into the freezing water (ok probably wasn't freezing, more like in the 60's, which is pretty cold), drank beers and summer brew, hung out on a random "island", fished, and soaked up the gorgeous scenery.  Notice I said most of our crew jumped off a massive cliff, I was not one of them; just couldn't get myself to jump in the water, climb up the cliffs, and jump back into the cold water and be miserable for the rest of the day.  One girl didn't jump straight down, her legs were out in front of her, and when she landed she bruised immediately.  Like so bad her bruise was bleeding within 5 minutes of her getting back on the boat.  She hit pretty hard.  Brutal.  D was one of them that jumped, he wasn't too excited about doing it let alone after he did it.  Saturday night we went back to our camp site, ate some food, hung out for awhile, and then off to bed we went. 

Sunday morning rolled around, we packed up and headed back to Denver.  D, Blake, and I decided to have Sunday Funday downtown after we got cleaned up.  We started at Brothers with a beer, had an amazing steak sandwich at Appaloosa for lunch, went to Paramount had the biggest foo-foo drink ever (Woo Tang), headed over to Coyote Ugly played some pool, went to Lucky Strike for a couple games of bowling, and finished up at the Tilted Kilt for supper.  I was done by the time we got to Tilted Kilt, it was fun, but a long day! 

Monday D and I headed shopping, got my first pair of cowgirl boots, and a cute dress for our engagement pictures.  We headed home late Monday afternoon, and we were both wore out.  Here are some pictures from our trip...

Pretty Lake

Maggie - Blake's dog

Me & my love

Isn't is gorgeous?!

Look can see 4 of the guys getting ready to jump
One  of them jumping and his shadow!


Oscar...he was my buddy for the weekend!
He looked like a gremlin with really long legs!

Love it!

Babe thought he had a fish, but didn't end up being anything but a snag!

How Appaloosa Grill served their water!

Biggest (34 oz) foo-foo drink ever...Woo Tang is on the right and it was tasty!

Coyote Ugly

All in all it was a great weekend!!!

Last night was my first night back subbing for bowling, should be a fun year!  However, I won't be able to go to State again, it's way to close to the wedding.  Tomorrow I'm getting my hair did, mani/pedi, and do a little shopping with the bestie.  Pretty excited!!  Hope you all have a great weekend!

PS - Next week I'll be sharing my Grandma's Dill Pickle recipe and hopefully some other fun stuff!!  Stay tuned! ;)