Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fall touches

Fall has arrived at our house...the inside of our house that is!  And I'm totally loving it! 

Last week I got out my big box of fall decorations and started going through everything.  It was like Christmas y'all; I forgot that I had purchased a bunch of stuff last year on sale.  So that's always exciting!!  As always, I decorated the bookcase in our living room, and some other random places that I didn't take pictures of.  I wish I had more room to decorate, but I'm happy with what I have. 

For some reason that's always a hard picture for me to capture, always ends up crooked and really tall!  Oh well.  Let's see some closeups of the shelves...

Top Shelf: Autumn Subway Art Tile, 3 wooden pumpkins purchased last year from HL,
and candle from Kohls clearance a couple years ago.

2nd Shelf: Wire Pumpkin Votive purchased last year at Holiday Mart $4.99 (purchased 3),
Leaf Candle Holder was a gift, Pumpkin Plate purchased from Pier 1.
I won the Countdown Blocks, made by Alayna's Creations.
3rd Shelf (bad picture, sorry): Trick or Treat tin sign purchased years ago (just found, ha)
from Cracker Barrel on clearance, wooden pumpkin from True Value on clearance last year,
Wire Pumpkin Votive (part of the set purchased above)
4th Shelf: Wooden Halloween picture holder (clips on the back of the characters),
purchased this year from Pier 1.  I love the characters on top!
Bottom Shelf: Fall Floral that I created last year for about $10

Minus the scratches, I love this little sign!
I think it was like $1 or 2 on clearance!

Closeup of the Wire Pumpkin Votive holders...I just love these, so cute!
I need to find some of those faux tealight things, would be perfect!

I can't wait to decorate the front of our porch, just waiting a little bit longer so my pumpkins won't be nasty before Halloween.  I loved our porch last year, I wish I would've taken a picture...bummer!  But yes, as you can tell Fall has really been on my mind lately.  Have you had the Fall inspired Ice Cream from Schwans?!  It's called Autumn Treat, and my-oh-my is it fabulous!!  It's pumpkin flavored ice cream, swirled with cinnamon, and praline pecans.  You've got to try it if you order from Schwans!

Have you done any fall decorating yet?!

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