Thursday, May 5, 2011

Chipboard Letters for Nursery

The first project I showed you was the Baby Subway Art tile for Maycee's nursery.  The second one I'm going to share is Maycee's name done out of Chipboard Letters.  The bedding for Maycee's nursery is brown and pink, and most of her other stuff she registered for is also brown and pink. 
Her bedding - Source

I wanted these letters to be girly, shabby-chic, and something Danielle could hang up on the wall.  In the end, it turned out everything I hoped for and more!  Are you ready for this?!? 

Supplies: Chip Board Letters, Spray Paint, Scrapbook Paper, Modge Podge,
Distressed Ink, Cute Buttons, Ribbon, Sanding block/paper, Glue Gun

First I spray painted the front and back of the letters using Krylon Leather Brown.  The letters kind of soaked up the paint, so I went over each one a couple of times.  It didn't have to be perfect since I was modge podging scrapbook paper on the front.  I let the letters dry on a trash bag for 24 hours. 

Spray Painted letters Leather Brown, front and back

After the letters were dry, I traced the letters onto the back of my scrapbook paper (turned the letters accordingly), and cut them out.  I traced them a little bigger than their actual size just to make sure they would fit properly, and then I could sand off the excess paper.  I then took the cut out letters, smothered some Modge Podge on the Chip board and stuck the paper on top.  I repeated until each letter was on.

Covered front of letter with Modge Podge with a tiny sponge

Placed scrapbook paper on top (notice the excess paper on the edges)

Next I took a block sander and sanded the excess paper off of the edges.  Again it didn't have to be perfect, but I made sure to be close to the edges on the chip board.

I sanded down the excess paper on all of the edges (notice how rough it looks!)

After sanding all of the letters, I took some Distressed Ink in Vintage Walnut and rubbed it on the sides of the letters, and randomly made spots on the letters.  This gave it the shabby-chic/vintage look I was going for!  I was already swooning over the letters by this point and they weren't even done! ;)

Rubbed some Distressed Ink in Vintage Walnut on the edges to make
it look more vintage

Almost done...I slathered 2 more coats of Modge Podge on the letters to make sure everything was good and sealed.  I even put some on the sides of the letters so it blended in better.

Smothered with another 2 coats of Modge Podge, put on the sides also

Last I took some really cute buttons (they also reminded me of something vintage/shabby-chic) and hot glued them on each letter.  I just love how it turned out!!!

Hot glued some cute buttons on the letters!

I could've stopped there, but I wanted the letters to be able to be hung on the wall.  So I took some dark brown glittery ribbon and hot glued it to the back of the letters, creating a loop.  Viola!
Hot glued ribbon to make a loop

Well...what do you think?!  I seriously love it!!!  I told you that I was swooning over my own projects, and when Danielle opened them she fell in love!!!  I gave them to her before her baby shower as a little something extra!  She couldn't believe that I made them!  I hate that I didn't have something to hang them on, so taking them on the floor is the only option I had...oops!

All finished, ready to be hung in Maycee's nursery!!!
Don't you just love it?!
Go on the picture to make it bigger!!

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  1. You did excellent! I love the distressed touch. Thanks for linking up!

  2. AHHH!!! I love these! I'm so proud of your DIY-ness. Seriously...some day FAR down the road, I'll be ordering some of these from you! Yes, I could make them myself...but you did such a great job, why bother? ;)

  3. These are seriously fabulous! I love it! Would love to have you at my Link Up Party!!


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