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Cheddar Jalapeno Mashed Potatoes - Crazy Cooking Challenge #3

Who knew there were so many different ways and variations to prepare Mashed Potatoes?  It's crazy!  I was excited when Tina over at Mom's Crazy Cooking asked all of us CCC participants what we should do for November: Mashed Potatoes or Stuffing?  I immediately voted for Mashed everything about them!  I like them loaded with cheese and bacon, covered in chicken gravy, sometimes brown gravy, and even plain.  Mmmm...Mashed Potatoes are awesome!!  I will say that I'm not a huge fan of instant (nasty) mashed potatoes or real with peeling left in them.  Just not my style.


This time around I didn't even hit up Google, I just did a search on Pinterest and found exactly what I was looking for: Cheesy Jalapeno Mashed Potatoes from Salad-In-A-Jar.  The name alone had me at hello!  I love Cheesy Potatoes and Jalapeno's, it's definately the ULTIMATE pair!! ;)

I made some changes to their recipe, but only because I wanted to use what I had on hand.  Instead of Red Potatoes I used Russet.  Instead of Green Onions I used Yellow Onion.  Instead of Whole Milk I used 2% and some Heavy Cream.  And right before serving them, I topped them with a little extra cheese and some bacon bits, popped in in the oven for a few minutes, and viola!  Below is the way I made these yummy mashed tators!!

Cheddar Jalapeno Mashed Potatoes topped with Cheese and Baon!
So how were they you ask?!  Amazzzing!!  They had just the right amount of spice to them, creamy, and cheesy!!  The sauteed veggies gave them a little crunch, which was really good!  I made some of my Homestyle Meatloaf to go with it...seriously was one of the best meals I've had in a long time!!  For reals.  After we were done eating, I was in a food coma!!

Homestyle Meatloaf

2 pounds potatoes - peeled and quartered
2 tablespoons butter
1/4 onion - diced fine

1/2 red bell pepper - diced
1/2 green bell pepper - diced
1 can chopped green chilies
2 tablespoons pickled jalapenos, finely chopped (I used about 10-12, you can adjust according to your liking)
1 clove garlic, minced

2 ounces cream cheese (I used Whipped Cream Cheese, and used a tad bit more than 2oz)
1/2 cup whole milk (I used 1/4 cup 2% + 1/4 cup heavy cream)

1/2 cup shredded American cheese
Salt and pepper to taste

1. Boil  potatoes in large pot with enough water to cover. Reduce heat and simmer until fork tender.
2. Meanwhile saute onions, all peppers, and garlic in butter.
3. Add cream cheese and stir till melted.
4. Whisk in milk till smooth.
5. Add cheese and stir gently until melted, remove from heat.
6. Drain potatoes in collander and put back into large pot.
7. Use a masher to mash up potatoes, or use a hand mixer (that is what I use, I don't have a masher)
8. Gently fold in cheese and vegetables. Season with salt and pepper.
9. If you want to really "fancy" them up, put them in little custard dishes, top with cheedar cheese and bacon bits, and pop them into the over for a few minutes.
We had them both ways, but I honestly liked them with the bacon bits on top.  Either way, they were delish!! good!

If you agree that these might possibly be THE ULTIMATE MASHED POTATOES, be sure to vote below by clicking "like" under the picture.  Also be sure to check out the other bloggers who are participating in the challenge...don't forget to stop in and say HI!! ;) 

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  1. What a meal; gotta be good.

  2. These look so awesome. I didn't do the crazy cooking challenge this month, but i"m all over the fudge next month. Thanks for linking up today!

  3. Your recipe immediately caught my eye because it looked like mine that I linked up! And then I read Jalapeno and it was all over :P My husband has turned me into a jalapeno-eating monster! Love them.

    I did the same as you - mashed potatoes got my vote in an instant flat and those imitation dandruff flakes in water - blech!!

    Stopping in from CCC and voted you up!

  4. Delicious looking and I love cheddar & jalapeno in the mix, yum!

    If you haven't already I'd love for you to check out my Crazy Cooking Challenge entry Aloo Tikki

    Cook Lisa Cook

  5. Oh my, we looooove jalepenos! This looks fabulous!!

  6. Yum! I bet the japs were great in it! Great Choice for THE CRAZY COOKING CHALLENGE!!

  7. Cheddar? yes. Potatoes? yes. Jalapenos? noooooo. lol! But they do look delish!

  8. I just love the Chilis, Peppers and seasons in this recipe. Great recipe for the Crazy Cooking Challenge, it looks delicious! Hope you are having a great day.
    Miz Helen

  9. Cheese and jalapenos? Hello!!! How fabulous. I'm gaining 10 pounds just thinking about all these wonderful mashed potato selections.

    Happy CCC


  10. YUM! Aren't all these mashed potato recipes amazing?!?! Can't wait to make them all!

  11. I love the mix of cheese and jalapeno. Can't wait to try this!

  12. Your recipe immediately caught my eye because It is one of the food which I eat with my one of the oldest friend in three star hotel. These sound delicious as well as you remind my old days.

  13. Fantastic idea and great blog. Happy new follower, hope you follow me back :-)

  14. I Love that you kicked it up a notch by adding green chiles and jalapenos. Yum!!


  15. I love how pinterest is becoming our new search engine. I did the same thing to find a recipe! We love cheesy potatoes and jalapeños as well in this house, so we will be all over this recipe. Be sure to check out #20 - Mexican Mashed Potatoes.

  16. Yum, looks great! I love all the extra cheese and bacon on top! ;)

  17. Mmmmm....holy cow!! Jalepeno+cheddar+potatoes sounds DEVINE. I can't wait to try this recipe. Seriously, I'm salivating here.

  18. Mashed potatoes and meatloaf is a quality combination.

  19. Hey just stopping by to let you know your recipe was featured on this week's What's Cooking Wednesday!

    I love me some mashed potatoes! I've never thought of jalepenos in them... bet it's a nice kick :)

    I hope you'll stop by and link up more great recipes :)


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