Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Chili Sausage Platter

About a month ago, we went to the {big} city to do some wedding stuff, and before we came home Sunday we ate at a newer restaraunt mainly because of it's name, Dodge City Distillery.  I hadn't ever heard of it for one, and two our {small} town is pretty close to the actual town, Dodge City.  This place had a western atmosphere, which fit perfectly, and the food had kind of a cowboy twist to it.  Everything on their menu sounded delish.  I ordered their homemade sausage platter, which consisted of grilled homemade sausage, slathered with their whiskey chili, served over a bed of dirty rice.  I don't normally order stuff like that, and it was the best thing I had eaten in awhile.  And not to mention the serving size was ginormous, I could only eat about half, which left me stuffed. 

I'm drooling just looking at this!
The next Sunday was superbowl, I was at home watching it by myself, and I decided that I was going to cook up a batch of chili and then a couple days later recreate that meal with the leftover chili.  That's exactly what I did!  I went and bought a sausage link, a box of wild rice mix, and had just enough of my homemade chili left for us to eat.  And guess what...IT TURNED OUT AMAZING!!!  My chili wasn't whiskey chili, but pretty darn tasty (someday I'll share how I make it), and it was very simple to cook up. 

Leftover chili (probably enough for a couple of bowls full)
Sausage Link (the kind that looks like a "horseshoe)
1 box of Wild Rice, plus ingredients to make (I used Uncle Ben's Long Grain & Wild Rice)
Shredded Cheese to top

1. Heat up leftover chili on stove.
2. Cut up Sausage Link into 1" thick pieces, fry them in a cast iron skillet until it's a little browned. Remove from heat.
3. Cook Wild Rice as directed on box.
4. Grab a large platter, spoon out all of the Wild Rice onto the platter.
5. Next top with fried sausage, and then slather with chili so it covers.
6. Top with shredded cheese and serve.  You can even pop it into the oven if you wish to melt the cheese a little more.

Rice & Sausage ready for the Chili

Mmm...topped with cheese on a platter and ready to devour!

D was totally in love with this dish, and there was plenty leftover for lunch the next day!  I'm telling you...if you ever have any leftover chili sitting around, you've gotta give this a try!

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