Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Craft/Office Organization Inspiration & a Thirty-One Party

As you can see here, our home is pretty small, and there is only 2 tiny bedrooms. We turned the extra room into a guest bedroom with a day bed, dresser, and D's closet is also in there. It has also became our "catch all" room, when we have a lot going on. Meaning that's where I air dry a lot of my laundry, all of my crafting stuff is stacked in a corner, when we got married that's where all of our supplies & gifts went, etc. It's kind of a mess, and I want that to change.

We do have guests that come visit, but mostly are couples and will sleep on the air-up mattress, so the daybed hardly gets used. We don't have a whole lot of overnight guests, so it's not useful at this point. I would say laundry collects on it more than guests sleep on it! So I've been thinking it's time to get rid of the daybed, and put in a small desk of some sort so I can have room to do my crafts and also somewhat of an organized office. But what happens when it's time for baby to come (no, not pregnant, just saying for the future)? The room will have to become a multi-purpose room, and of course rearrange & purge as necessary. So that is why whatever we come up with will have to be something small, but also something that will get the most out of our space. We can't forget about functionality either.

This is the area I have to work with currently known as the guest room (furniture arrangement/decor isn't exactly like this anymore, but pretty close)...

Will be getting rid of the daybed, some of the decor,
and possibly the dresser (it currently holds more craft supplies) & nightstand.
***UPDATE*** I sold the daybed, and purchased a desk!!! It's happening, and I can't wait! :)
Learn more about this:
I Found a Desk!

I've been browsing online (searching the web & Pinterest) at some great craft room ideas, even if it isn't a small space, these are my inspirations!

source: BHG


source: Thirty-One
Gotta have a shelf for the Cricut to set on!

Tonight I am also hosting a Thirty-One party, in hopes I can start to gather some lovely organizational pieces (I just love that thirty-one office I posted above!). On the for sure list for me to get is a Large Utility Tote for my Cricut. Why? #1 Because I'm not a fan of the ugly bulky Cricut bags they have for the Expression, and #2 the Thirty-One option doesn't take up a bunch of room if I want to put it away (plus way cuter!). They have a lid you can attach on the top, which is also on my list! 

source: Thirty-One
I seen a pin on Pinterest that came from the Cricut forum, someone used the Large Utility Tote for their Cricut Expression 2...sold!
source: Cricut
I already have the Room for Two Utility Tote, ordered for my gift wrap storage and I love it! Got the idea from Thirty-One, and also seen it on Pinterest as well!
source: Thirty-One


I have several other things on my "wish list" that I would like to order tonight, and if not tonight then I will order when my friends have parties! I am ready to get organized! If you would like to order, my party (click the link to order) will probably be open for about a week online (3/6/13). Thank you!! :) I have also attached the March special, too good to pass up!

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