Friday, November 4, 2011

Baby Boom

There has been a little bit of a baby boom here in our {small} town!! 

Ashley (she's one of my bridesmaids) and Andrew (one of our groomsman) S had their baby 4 weeks ago.  She ended up having a healthy handsome little BOY!  They named him Preston Michael!  Dustin got to see Preston the same day he was born, but I had to wait a couple weeks.  He's so cute!  Let me just tell you, he is one of the best babies I have been around at that age!  He never once cried or fussed, he just hung out with us and took a little nap.  His {big} brother Hunter loves him!!  Although, I think he thought he would be a lot more fun right away, but they had to explain to him that it would be awhile before he could "play".  Poor Hunt! 

D and Preston! Such a big yawn for a little guy!

Our other friends Ashley & Ross R had their TWINS Wednesday!!  They had a healthy beautiful little GIRL, and a healthy precious little BOY!!  Yes, one of each...isn't that exciting!!!  They named them Addison Leigh and Bryson Ross.  Addison was 6lbs, and Bryson was 5lbs.  Mom and babies are healthy, and should be coming home this weekend.  We were in town yesterday, so went up to the hospital to see them.  O.M.G. They were perfect!!  Addison has a head full of dark hair, and Bryson's is lighter.  They both were sleeping while we were there, and we got to hold them for awhile.



It's so funny that both Ashley's were preggers at the same time, and they also live right down the street from one another.  So that neighborhood is growing!  We are so happy for them!! 

This week has been a little crazy (yet, once again!): Halloween was Monday, Tuesday was D's grandma's bday, Wednesday I cleaned the house since we have friends coming this afternoon for the weekend (hi Trevor & Nicole!), yesterday we both had a dentist appointment and got to see babies, and today is FRIDAY!!  Tomorrow I'm working a fun shopping event until mid afternoon.  So we have a busy and fun weekend lined up with our friends!!  Stay tuned, Sunday I have a killer recipe for Mashed Potatoes...yeah not just any ol' Mashed Taters!! ;)