Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Ornament Wreath

You've seen Christmas Ornament Wreaths allover blog land and Pinterest, but I just had to share mine with you today!  I've wanted to make one since last year, and finally got around to doing it.

Before I get started showing you how I did it, I wanted to share with you a few things that I pinned on Pinterest to help me along with this project. 

First, you've probably already seen this, but the wreath forms at craft stores can be expensive.  I saw this pin on how you should purchase a pipe installation tube from Home Depot or other home improvement store for less than a $1.  Check.

Second, once I got the foam installation tube, I quickly realized that there would be some issues trying to form a circle without it kinking. I read an article from the same blog that gave us the money saving tip above and pinned it here.  Check.

Last, I read the article above and then read the comments.  I noticed there was a reader/blogger who tried the tips listed and came up with her own way to correct the kinking tube problem.  So headed over to her blog, read her article, and pinned it here.  Check.

And for the heck of it, even though these wreaths are everywhere (and I love 'em) here is one I pinned for inspiration.  Matt & Becky shared their helpful tutorial that got me going! Check.

Now onto my creation...

First, I cut the pipe installation in half.  I tried to make it a nice circle without the kinks without doing some further reading and that was a fail.  So I read the 2nd & 3rd "pin" listed above and quickly realized how to make it happen.  I took several plastic grocery bags (I save them for random uses, but didn't know they would be part of this project!), wadded them up, and stuffed the tubing with them.  You might need to use something with a long handle like a broom stick to get them packed in there tight.  Then I was able to create a "kink-less" circle for the wreath, and taped the ends together with duct tape.

For this next part you will need a lot of Christmas Ball Ornaments, a ton of hot glue sticks, and patience!  I started with the bigger ball ornaments first, gluing them on the outside and inside of the wreath.

After that I took the next size and started to fill in around the bigger ones.

Then I took what I had left (a bunch) and randomly started gluing them everywhere on the wreath.  As you go it builds itself up, and turns into something really neat.  I didn't put any on the backside, and you could still kind of see the foam, so I had some leftover gold garland from my Nativity Scene Tile and kind of weaved it in and out of the open space on the back.  That seemed to do the trick for my wreath, and it added some extra pizazz!  I have it hanging on our mirror above our dining room table.  I think it looks great there! 

Finished product!
Don't mind the dirty mirror or bad lighting, it was at night! ;)
 I had around 85 ball ornaments, but I didn't quite use all of them, but I used all of my glue sticks!!  LOL!  I purchased most of the ornaments from Target in the dollar spot, it was awesome! The others came from Hobby Lobby and a local store.  The reason I say patience is key, is because all you are doing is glue & stick, glue & stick, glue & stick some more!  All in all it was a fairly easy and inexpensive project!  I love it!!

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