Friday, December 2, 2011

What I Wore Friday {because of Pinterest}

Tonight I have a Funky Zebra Party, that means I get to leave my real job an hour early.  I like to look nice for my Funky Zebra Parties; I push away my normal go-to shirts that I wear to work and wear something cute along with accessories.  I wanted to wear my new sweater dress that I got from Body Central, but it's a little chilly and I have to travel a little bit to my destination.  Plus, working in an oilfield office wearing a sweater dress, not really something I want to do.  However, maybe I'll wear that tomorrow for my "Open House" Funky Zebra Party I'm hosting...we'll see! ;) 

Pinterest Pin

Anyways, on to what I'm wearing was inspired by a Pin I spotted on Pinterest yesterday...that site is way too addicting.  My version is pretty similar, but my scarf is more of a peach color. 

Sorry about the poor picture quality, I took it at my office this morning since I am the only one here today. Yay for Camera timers!! ;)

The breakdown:
Black long sleeve shirt = Kohl's Black Friday deal $6.99
Pink cami = not sure, have had it for years
Jeans = BKE Brand purchased a couple years ago, Sabrina style
Black Slouch Boots = Maurices (Christmas gift last year. For the party tonight, I will slip on my dressier black heeled boots that D got me for Christmas a few years back!)
Peach scarf = Christmas gift last year from my employer
Bangles = Funky Zebra $10
Blingy Hoops = Store in Lakin KS $7.99
Flower Ring = Dillard's clearance (not sure, but I think it was like $6-7)
Hair = curled with an Infiniti Curling Iron Wand and pinned back half way

I think it's very simple, but fun with all of my accessories!  What do you think?  Have a great weekend y'all!! :)