Monday, August 20, 2012

Our Wedding Details: DIY Bridal Bouquet

Sorry I haven't had much motivation to blog lately.  Do you ever get into that rut? 

Anyways, I finally decided that I would share some of our DIY wedding details with you, starting with our DIY Bouquet's that I made for our wedding.  I didn't take step by step pictures, because I was too focused getting things done for our wedding, I wasn't even thinking of the blog.

I took a floral design class back when I was in college, and I loved was a really fun class!  I decided to go the silk route, because: 1.) you can keep your bouquet forever, 2.) you don't have to worry about keeping your flowers out of water too long and worry about it wilting, 3.) it actually was cheaper to make silk bouquets instead of dropping $50-100 for real flowers (no thanks.)! 

So I did some research on the types & colors of flowers I wanted, which led me to finding one of the cheapest places online to order good looking silks,  No I am not being compensated for this, I am just passing along some info to you all! :) You can search by color, type, and they even have other floral supplies available for purchase.  They also now carry fresh flowers for purchase.

It took me awhile to decide exactly what I wanted to use/do, because I wanted to make sure everything was perfect!  I really liked the looks of peonies, ranunculas, and even some anemones.  Just something about those flowers, especially peonies & ranunculas, really make me giddy!  So I browsed their site by colors & types, and then I found this already made bouquet which had a mixture of all of those, plus tulips.  It was a little small on its own for my bouquet, but I knew I could take it apart and add in some personal touches.  So that's exactly what I did!

For my bouquet, I added in a couple white peonies, a couple of white peony buds, pink peonies (light & bright), a few green ranunculas, some green button poms, some sparkly crystal picks (from hobby lobby: pink, green, and clear), and wrapped it all up with some fuchsia colored ribbon (also from hobby lobby). Some of the exact flowers I used are no longer available, but I tried to link to some that were similar.  This might change over time.  Ashley's Maid of Honor bouquet was similar to mine, just a little smaller and not as many peonies.  The other 4 bridesmaids bouquets were the premade bouquet just like ours (taken apart of course), with a green ranunculas, and button poms. 

Sorry I don't have an actual tutorial for you, but you can google several ways on how to make a bouquet of your own. Two things to remember when making them is to keep the flowers tight and make sure it's not lopsided (I had to redo mine a couple of times after realizing it was lopsided!). 

Credits -
All bouquets made by: Yours Truly!
Photographs: Crossroads Photography
Ribbon & Sparkly Crystal Picks: Hobby Lobby

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