Thursday, September 13, 2012

DIY Bridal Shower Centerpieces: Eiffel Tower Vases & Glitter Tulle Poms

The next project from Aimee's shower that I'm going to share with you are the centerpieces. These were fairly simple, and pretty inexpensive. 

Aimee loves anything "Paris" and I wanted to bring in a few touches of Paris to her shower. At Hobby Lobby they had these colorful Eiffel tower shaped vases, the orange ones were actually on clearance, but the others weren't. So I picked up those 2 for $1.20 each, originally $5.99. The next time I went back they only had 1 pink one on the shelf for 50% off (on sale), making it $2.99. The store manager wasn't sure if they were getting anymore in, so I ordered the other 3 online, getting them 40% off, total of $15.57 for all 3. I didn't care what color they were when I bought them, because I had plans to spray paint them silver, since her colors are purple & silver. They turned out so cute, I just love them and so did Aimee!! She is going to try and reuse them at the wedding, which I think will be perfect!!

To create the "poof" that is sitting in the Eiffel tower vases, I used the same method I used to create the DIY Tulle Poms at Maycee's 1st Birthday. I purchased the glittered purple tulle from C.O.D. Wholesale, and I think I am a little bit obsessed. Seriously, too pretty! Anyways, back to the project. :) After I created the pom-pom, I wanted it to sit on top of the Eiffel tower vases, so I ordered 2 wooden dowels from Hobby Lobby. In all honesty you could purchase these at your local hardware store, but ours didn't have any. I had my hubby cut them down to the correct size, put a little hot glue on the end and stuck the poof on the dowel. Viola! They turned out to be so cute and sparkly, and I LOVE sparkly!! I was able to make 6 pom-pom's out of 1 roll of tulle for $4.95.

add a little hot glue to the dowel, and viola!

all 6 finished!

Breakdown of the centerpieces:
Eiffel Tower Vases = 6 for $19.76 (normally $35.94)
Silver Spray Paint (only used half, will use for other projects) = $5.99/2 = $3.00
Glitter Tulle = $4.95
Dowels = 2 for $1.18
Total cost for each centerpiece (6) = $4.82 each

all finished at the party!

I'm glad I found the 2 Eiffel tower vases on clearance, that helped saved some money. And I'm so glad I found that glitter tulle, I think it's my new fav!! :)

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