Thursday, November 1, 2012

DIY Wedding {Rehearsal} Bouquet

Aimee & Ryan's wedding is finally this Saturday {November 3rd}, and I CAN NOT wait! We are headed out of town this afternoon for a long weekend, to help prepare and celebrate their big day. Such an exciting time for them!

As most of you know, it's tradition that the MOH takes the ribbons & bows from the bridal shower and create a rehearsal bouquet. I had every intention of getting all of those bows & ribbons before leaving town from her bridal shower, and somehow I didn't end up with them. Not only did I not have them, there weren't many bows to begin with so it would've been hard to create a practice bouquet. So onto Plan B.

Remember those Tulle Poms on a stick I made for the shower? Turns out that was going to make the perfect Plan B Rehearsal Bouquet! I put them together with a couple toilet paper rolls, some tape, and ribbon and it became the prettiest rehearsal bouquet ever! This is something she will be able to keep and display for a very long time, next to her actual bouquet for the wedding!  Best part is, since I already had everything on hand, except the ribbon, it was very inexpensive since I reused the tulle poms from her shower. I think the ribbon was on sale for $1.50...score! Here is how I did it (sorry for the grainy pics, I took them with my phone)...

Needed: Tulle poms on a wooden dowel, tape (I used electrical, can use whatever you have), toilet paper rolls (so the "stem" is smooth), hot glue (not shown), and ribbon (not shown)

Step 1: Bunch the tulle poms, and tape the dowels together in 2 places to make sure they are secure.
Step 2: Cut toilet paper roll in half (I used 2)
Step 3. Wrap toilet paper roll around dowels until snug, and tape seams together.

Step 4: Cut a piece of ribbon and hot glue it to the end of the dowels/tp roll
Step 5: Starting at the top, wrap your favorite ribbon around the base and hot glue at the end (not shown)

I think it turned out so pretty, and I just LOVE all of the glitz it has! If you're wondering where I got the glitter tuller, read more here.

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