Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Weekend of Family & Friends, antique shops, and dancing!

I know this is a little late with it being Wednesday and all, but I thought I would share my fun weekend.  Friday after work I headed to my {small} hometown to enjoy a weekend with my Family & Friends. I had so much fun! (D was on a bachelor party float trip for the weekend).  Saturday morning my brother's girlfriend and I, who is also my really good friend, went to a couple of the Antique shops in town.

We weren't really looking for anything in particular, but we found some cute stuff.  I found some retro metal canisters for my kitchen that I want to re-do.  The best part it that they were only $7 for the set!  I think they would be so cute if I spray painted them oil-rubbed bronze.  They are already cute, but I want to update them a bit. 

Retro Cannisters - $7 (what a deal!)

I also found this really cute mirror, even though it's too heavy to hang on our walls, I think i'll set it on our dresser or in the spare bedroom.  It was only $18!  I think it has a lot of character already, so I don't plan on doing anything to it.

A little rustic!

Lastly found an old clear glass medicine bottle that I plan on painting white to put in my bathroom.  It was only $1.  I'll be sure to post more pictures once i'm done decorating with them!!

Saturday afternoon we went to visit my Grandparents out on their farm for a little bit.  They've been married for 61 years (can you believe it?!)!!  Saturday night my Dad and his gf, my brother and his gf, and I, along with some of my dad's other friends went to the Elks for their Annual Big Ticket Party.  We had Prime Rib for supper, all you can drink, and music all night.  It was a lot of fun!  Below are some pictures from the party.

my Dad, brother gf, and I...apparently i'm an awesome dancer!!
Jimmy Dee & the Fabulous Destinations
my Dad loves to dance!