Friday, August 12, 2011

Garden Update

I wanted to give/show you an update on our garden progress.  Temps have been cooler here, so instead of 110 degrees its been in the 90's; I can handle that and apparently so can our garden!  It's finally starting to come around.  Our plants are looking great; have tiny cucumbers set on (finally) along with a couple that are ready to pick this weekend, have picked a few zucchini since the last time I gave you an update and several starting, still only have 1 watermelon but the plant looks like it will produce, have picked several okra when it was hot hoping to get a few more soon, and 0 peppers and tomatoes yet, but still growing and looking great. 

Ok, enough talking, here are some pictures straight from my phone, didn't have time to crop.

Whole garden...don't mind the messy backyard! Its in progress!


Zucchini - really has taken off

Zucchini - ready to be picked

Cucumber #1

Baby cucumbers on #1

Cucumber #2

Cucumbers almost ready to be picked on #2

Cucumber #3...had a late start, but already has little guys on it!

Okra plants...behind the cucumber plants in the front

Red Pepper plant


Tomatoes - they are getting really big, just need some to set on.

Well we're off to have a fun weekend with our friends, Aimee & Ryan!  Hope ya'll have a great one!