Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Old Time Photos

This last weekend my grandparents came to visit us.  I love it when we get visitors, it makes me feel loved! ;)  Saturday we hung around the house, took them around town, and showed them where we work.  Saturday night we took them out for supper, and my dad ended up meeting up with us.  After that we took them to a nearby county fair, they had sprint car races (which is the type of racing motors D helps build), turns out it was their first race.  They really enjoyed it, and to top it off one of our motors took 2nd!  He would've taken first, but on the last lap, some guy decided to run up on his wheel and almost spun him out.  We weren't very happy about it, but at least he took 2nd (the past 2 races before that he took 1st, so that's great!). 

Sunday I cooked them a yummy breakfast consisting of  Bacon (cooked on the grill, soo yummy!), scrambled eggs, hash browns, toast, and some fresh watermelon.  It was delish!  Then off to Dodge we went to check out the Boot Hill Museum...or so we thought.  We got there, they also had their annual summer celebration going on, so we strolled the vendors, bought me a really cute hat, and off to the museum gift shop we went.  We just missed the gun fight reenactment, which would've been fun to watch, but kind of glad, because it was 100 degrees out.  So we settled on getting some old time pictures taken...it was so much fun!  It only took them about 5 minutes to take a few different shots and we were done.  I would love to do this again!
I think Grandpa & D look awesome!
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This one makes me giggle!
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After that we took them out to the casino, had a snack, D lost $20 in 5 minutes, and back home we came!  Last night we hung around the house, cooked them supper, and took them over to D's grandparents to meet each other.  They left this morning.  It was a really nice weekend, and I cherish the time I am able to spend with my family. 

Last night we met with our photographer for the first time, pretty stoked about them doing our pictures!  The rest of the week we will gear up for some more visitors from the {big city}, my bestie Aimee & her fiance Ryan!  They will be here Friday afternoon and I'm super stoked!!