Thursday, November 11, 2010

Beef, Garden, and Appreciation Dinner!

First off, I know it's a little late to post about last's Thursday and I really don't have an excuse!!  Maybe it's because I've been shopping online trying to find stuff for my Wishlist of this weather we've had this week.  Saturday and Sunday felt like spring, heck almost summer, again...was in the upper 70's lower 80's.  Monday wasn't too bad lower 70's, Tuesday lower 60's, yesterday lower 60's, and today probably lower 50's with random thunderstorms, rain, and yuckiness!  It's been dark since about 2:00pm because of the cloud coverage and rain.  Although, not complaining about the rain at all...we so need it!  It's been super dry and extremely windy lately (that's western KS for ya!), so we need all we can get at this point!  Anyways, back to our weekend last weekend...

Friday we went to get our 1/2 of beef...I'm talking about 430 lbs of beef loaded up in D's truck ready to be thrown back into the freezer!  We split it with D's parents, so we ended up with around 215 lbs of hamburger, steak, roasts, fajita meat, and etc.  Good thing we split it with them, because we had just enough room for our 1/4.

Our tiny freezer that held most of our 1/4
(House is tiny, so this is all we had room for in our pantry/laundry room!)

Not the best picture...but this is probably 98% of our 215 lbs.
All hamburger on the left half, just under those massive T-Bones!

Had to overflow over into our regular freezer!'s what's for dinner!!
(sorry, just had too!)

Saturday I pretty much relaxed most of the day, and then we went to D's Firefighter Appreciation Dinner for all of the local firefighters...and our firefighters are all volunteers!!!  So very proud of D wanting to be apart of something so awesome and apart of our community (and I can't wait to see him in uniform, hehe!).  D hates pictures, so I had to fight him to take a good one with me! ;)

We clean up pretty darn good, I'd say!
Sunday my Dad and Grandparents came down to hang out with us, and D and Dad tilled up where our garden will be next year!  It's not huge, but it's enough for what we want and might be able to share a little (fingers crossed) if everything goes as planned.  I made Spaghetti, Green Beans, Salad, Garlic Bread, and Chocolate Chip cookies!  Grandma Jean brought along my favorite Apple Pie too!

Dad and D hard at it!

There might be a problem...

Getting it going again!

Dad tillin' it up!

OMGosh...he's the cutest dog, EVER!

HAPPY VETERAN'S DAY!! Thank you to those who have served and are currently serving for our country!  Also thank you to all of the families!  We appreciate all you do!