Friday, November 5, 2010

Winter is on it's way, so we must prepare!!

Winter is on its way and we must prepare!  Burr...  Yes, we've already turned our heater on (last weekend), taken out our A/C units (don't judge, a lot of older homes in the area don't have central air), and getting ready to cover our windows in plastic (you would be surprised on the amount of air that sneaks in and out of your window cracks!). 

Wednesday after work I went home and decided it was time to get our Hyacinth bulbs planted.  It froze here last night, so good thing I got them planted before!  There are already pink and purplish blue Hydrangeas planted and some other flowers bulbs in the front (not really sure what they are!).  So in between the Hydrangeas I planted the come spring we'll see how everything blooms out!  Here is the front of our house when we purchased it at the beginning of June (it looks a little different now, it's kinda bare in the picture).  The "bush" looking things are the Hydrangea plants before they bloomed.

Front of our house, June 2010
We planted multi-colored Hyacinth similar to these!

Our Hydrangeas are really similar to this when they bloom, so pretty!

Wednesdays night D normally goes to Poker, and Bernie and I bond!  After we got the bulbs planted and moved our plants from the porch to my office, we snuggled right up on the couch and got caught up on my shows.  He also got his haircut Wednesday, and he looks so cute!  I think he looks like a little puppy! 

looks like he posing for his Senior pictures!

Now that it's chilly in the morning and at night,
you'll find him wearing his camo jacket or little coat to keep him warm!