Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween Fun!

Last Friday (the day before the Halloween Party) I had no idea what to be for Halloween.  I thought I might be the "sexy devil", but I couldn't find my tights...I thought I might be a nurse, but the I remembered when I wore that costume a few years ago it was really hot...and then I thought I might be a "sexy witch", but that costume wouldn't have completed D's costume. 

Ok so enter in Friday night, we went over to D's parents house for supper and we got to talking.  His mom has a bunch of costumes, and happens to have a few Nun outfits; Dustin has a Priest outfit he wore a few years ago, so I thought that would be perfect.  However, we put a little spin on it and decided to make me into a Pregnant Nun!  (Sorry if this offends anyone, but it was all just for fun!) 

Also, my good friend Danielle came to visit me Saturday (it was a nice surprise!).  We spent most of Saturday afternoon girl talking, laughing, and catching up (earlier in the week she had shared some really exciting news of her own with me)!  We had a lot of fun!  Here are some pictures from Saturday Nights Halloween Party that we went to!

Me & Dani
The Prego Nun and Priest!
(no worries, those are just towels!)
Dani and Bernie!
Bernie the Skeleton!

Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy!

Roller Derby Ladies - The Silver Beavers!
(there were actually 4 of them and they won the costume contest!)

Lemon Twist Martini and The "Devil"

Dani kissin' the baby!  LOL!

Sunday was Halloween, and I must say I was a little disappointed...we only had 1 Trick-or-Treater stop by.  He was one of our friends little boy, who made the cutest little monster EVER!  I think it's because #1 we live off of the main highway as you enter town...#2 it used to be a Beauty Shop before we bought it in June, so not sure people are used to us living there yet...#3 there aren't many houses around ours.  The neighbors didn't even stop by, but maybe they don't celebrate Halloween...I don't know.  We aren't scary people, and our porch light was on, so I really don't know what the deal-io was!  So now we have a bunch of candy leftover and we've already been eating it since we got it a few weeks ago...ugh!  D's parents on the other hand live in the "rich" neighborhood, and they had over 150 kids...they ran out of candy and had to start giving out those little bags of chips!

You are probably wondering what Dani's exciting news was...but I'm probably going to have to do a separate post on that another time!  Stay tuned!