Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Red Box on Groupon...hurry!

Who doesn't love REDBOX?  I mean seriously, whoever came up with this is pure genius!  I love how you can rent a movie for a buck, take it with you for the day, and turn it back into a random Redbox 2 states away the next day!  When we used to live in the {big city} D and I used to rent Redbox all the time.  We are an hour away from the nearest Redbox, so we don't really get the opportunity to rent much anymore.  However, this Groupon deal is amazing!  For $1 you get 3...yes I said 3...Redbox movie rentals.  Normally it's $1 for 1 rental, but with this Groupon you get 3 movies for a buck

If this is your first Groupon (which this is a great deal to start Groupon with), please help me out and use my referral code!  (yep, you can earn extra bucks if you refer someone to groupon and they enter in your code!)  Anyways, Groupon you can sign up for deals where you live or even if you're traveling somewhere you might be able to find a deal for that city; they'll email you daily with their deals, and sometimes its not just for local places can be used online.  So be sure to check it out if you're not already a member!

My first Groupon purchase was when I told you about the Bath & Body Works deal, I got $30 worth of product for $15!  I ended up getting some anti-bac soaps, Twilight Woods Body Wash and Body Spray, and a travel size of their newest scent, Carried Away, lotion.  Which if you haven't tried it, wow, you're missing out!!  I fell in love with it! 

This deal was too good not to share, so what are you waiting on!?  HURRY, the deal ends today!