Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Oldest Brothers Bday Party = EPIC!

Saturday was my oldest brothers 30th birthday party, which was a freakin' blast!  I took a lot of pictures (yay me, I remembered!) so we could all remember the night!  LOL!  We first started off by eating at Backfire BBQ (Orange County Chopper restaurant), we had sliders of all sorts, french fries, salad, cookies and ice cream, and a nasty tasty Sweet Tart shot!

Shots Shots Shots, errbody!
not very tasty though!

D and I at supper

Big Brother J-Rod


Tom and Jess!

Then we went to Sanford & Sons comedy club and saw Jim Jefferies perform.  He was pretty funny, along with his opening act (I don't remember his name).  We wanted to punch the group of guys behind us, apparently they had a little too much to drink before the show, kept whispering  yelling dropping their beer bottles, etc.  Other than that it was a good time.

Ashley and I at Sanford & Sons

After the show we headed back to the hotel to get our coolers and freshen up, and then on to the party bus we went!  We stayed on the bus from 10-2, made a couple pit stops, and only stopped at one bar.  It was so much fun!!  Here are some pictures from the rest of our EPIC night!

Wild Bunch right there!
click to enlarge picture if you want!

Steve, D, and other brother Brett
he was the only sober one and he looks passed out!

Friend Matt and Sarah...
He was using the beer bong as a geetar!

Yes there was a pole in the bus!

Mom and her favorite son! LOL!

Ashley (brett's gf), Mom, Kelli (sis in-law), and Me!

Me and my crazy brother!

 Many of us didn't feel the greatest, matter of fact Jerrod was still feeling sick yesterday after work!  I think that means it was a successful night out!  I, however, was feeling just fine, sleep deprived is all (won't mention the exact reason why, but D kept all of us up until about 4:30 am...he wouldn't shut up)!!