Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Organizing: Kitchen and Laundry Cabinets

I hope you all had a lovely weekend!  Mine was pretty good, relaxed, did a little Spring cleaning, and had fun!

Friday night we ordered some takeout and rented Social Network.  The movie was actually pretty good; very interesting to see how Facebook first started and what has shaped it into the addicting website it is today!  I would totally recommend the movie to everyone to watch!

Saturday I decided I wanted to give some attention to our house...I've been lacking in that department here lately!  So I started in the Pantry/Laundry/Mud Room.  It's a small, but functional room, but man it needed some organization!!  Remember when I showed you our Pantry cabinet that I cleaned out/organized awhile back?  Well the Laundry is on the other side of the room.  Here it is before...

Random stuff everywhere!
Wowza...see all of that random stuff in there?  I guess when we finished up painting our house, we just stuck everything in there and said forget about it!  There was loose change everywhere, light bulbs, random tools, cleaning stuff, tons of cozy's (apparently we collect them?), and anything else you can think of was probably in there!  I tossed some stuff, and moved a bunch down into our basement where it belongs.  Here is the after...

Much better!  Found a little plastic basket to hold all of the light bulbs.
And put all of our cleaning supplies in one spot (they were in a few diff places before)
So much better!  When I open the cabinets there aren't paint brushes and rollers flying at me anymore!!!

Next up was the Kitchen and Kitchen cabinets.  Where I keep the pots and pans, that was the worse!  I think it's hard to keep everything from flying out, and the lids organized.  Here are the befores...
Hott Mess!

None that are too bad, but def needed some organization!
I emptied out most of the cabinets (the ones that needed some serious help), figured out what needed to go where, tossed some stuff, and made a pile for either a garage sale or take to Goodwill.  I also wiped all of the cabinets down.  Here are the afters...

No more lids and pans falling out when I open the doors!
I took out the other set of Pots and Pans, we really only use 1 set anyways.
The shelf with cutting boards and casserole dishes was a little hard to do anything with.
You can't really tell, but its a lot better than it was! 

Organized and combined seasonings, put seasoning packets into a plastic container,
and put cupcake liners and cake decor stuff into another plastic container.
Moved the pitchers over with the cups.
Put all of my platters on the top shelf with the cooling racks...So much better!
D helped out, picked up the living room and the guest bedroom, and then he organized our tiny shed outback (I wish I had the before and afters on that...wow!).  I put away the remaining "Winter" decor (wasn't much!), and rearranged the bookshelf, and dusted.  All in all I'm really happy with how everything turned out.  It's something that has needed to be done and I finally got around to doing it.  However, we aren't finished with organizing our house (when are you ever finished?).  Our basement is going to be a HUGE project.  It's only storage down there, but still it's out of control!!  When I was taking stuff down there Saturday, it reminded me of an episode of Hoarders!  Ok, maybe not that bad, but pretty close! ;)  Stay tuned for that one!

Saturday night we went out with some friends that came to town, there was a band playing at one of the bars.  They were really good, especially for only 2 guys!  And we found out that they do DJ services too...we may have just found our entertainment for our wedding!  They said they could perform and DJ at our reception, so I think we'll be in touch with them (plus the head guy is related to our friends!)!  Sunday D and I ventured out for the day...we looked at new table and chairs, got my ring cleaned (needed it badly!), picked out a couple for D, went to see the movie Hall Pass (hilarious, that's all I'm going to say!), and did some grocery shopping.  It was a fab day together!  Oh and late Sunday night, D was called out on his very first fire call!!  His pager/scanner went off at midnight, so I woke him up and out the door he went.  I guess it was a huge pasture fire, and he was so pumped!  He was home back home by 2am, but he couldn't sleep after that because of his adrenaline!  He talked about it all day yesterday, which makes me so proud!!

So have you been doing any Spring cleaning?