Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Organizing: Pantry

Ok, first off my family and friends know (or should know) that I'm very organized (for the most part), and I love it when I am.  However, sometimes life happens and messes get created and don't always get taken care of right away!  Things become unorganized from time to time, which eventually drives me bonkers!  I don't consider myself OCD when it comes to cleaning & organization, I'm just very particular about things.  I love it when I open cabinets and things don't fly out at me, I love it when my house is clean when family & friends come over, I love it when I can find that certain thing I'm looking for without tearing apart the whole house...ok I think you get it! 

After reading how other bloggers have been doing some organizing in their house, that made me think about our house.  There are some area's in our home that really need some TLC!  I've been wanting to organize a few area's of our house for awhile, and last night I finally got to organize our small pantry in our back room.  This was one of those area's when I would open the doors, cans and chip bags would fly out at me!  You all might not think it's that bad, but yes it was pretty bad!!  By the time I was done going through our food, I realized that we have enough Tortilla Chips and PB to last us for awhile!!

The Disaster waiting to happen!

This is where the cans fall out on my toes!

Mucho better! Got rid of empty boxes, combined boxes,
and tried to organize by food type.

Yep still packed full of canned goods, but now I have an
idea of where things are.

Notice a pattern?!  Which is the oddball?
We LOVE LOVE LOVE Ragu Organic Traditional Spaghetti Sauce!

Our tiny pantry!

Here are some other blogs that have done some organizing, which inspired me even more!
Thirfty Decor Chick: read about ALL of her organizing posts here!! (I love her blog, seriously!)
DIY Design Fanatic: I love how she organized her daughters Armoire and her pantry!!
One Thrifty Chick: I love her craft room, and check out her recent organization of her tupperware and baking supplies, and OMG look at her "Stockpile" aka Pantry (I think I'm in love!)!
Ready.Set.Plan: Speaking of Pantry, check out their 3 months supply pantry!!

After seeing some of their pantry's, I think I want to add some plastic shelving in the basement.  We are planting a garden this spring, so we're hoping to can most of everything which we'll need more storage area for everthing!

I have other areas of our house that needs some organization done to it...All of my cabinets in the kitchen, bathroom cabinets, guest room, BASEMENT (this is a huge one), and our small shed in the backyard. 

To finish off the night, I enjoyed a glass of Strawberry-Apple wine while I cooked supper.  This is from my {small} hometown winery, it was delish!!

Mmm...perfect way to end the night!

Do you like to keep things organized?  What are you organizing right now?