Friday, January 7, 2011

NYE Snapshots

Wednesday I shared the WONDERFUL EXCITING news with all of you...(eeks after 3.5+ years, we're finally engaged!!)!!!  Today I thought I would share some more pics of the fun evening we had with our friends in the big city...I'm not gonna go into a huge story, just pics!  Enjoy! :)


Yummy dessert!

NYE Dinner Date!

Shots, Shots, Shots, Shots....errbody!

Trevor and Nicole! (newlyweds!)

D and T-Rev!

Mel & Dustin (also newlyweds!!!)

Wake Up!

Me and Kelly

Me and Ali

Mel, D, and Sam (I'm thinking this is when he told Mel his BIG surprise!)

Me and Mom

Mom, Nicole, and Me

And in case you forgot... :) 

New Years Day (eve) we decided to go out and celebrate some more!!

Aimee, D, Me, and Jerrad
Celebratory Shots!

D, Me, Jerrad, and Dani!

Aimee & Ryan!

Amber, Mike, Kelly, Me, D, and Joe (Amber & Joe are newlyweds too!)