Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Fun Weekend and An Amazing Fall Wedding!

This past weekend we had so much fun!  It was time for us to head to the "Big City" for a fun-filled/wedding weekend.  Friday we worked a 1/2 day, and then headed down the road.  The drive was going by really fast, and then we were about 30 minutes from where we were going, and wham...the traffic stopped.  We sat in stop and go traffic for about 30 minutes, it wasn't very fun!  By the time we got going again, we were really anxious to get there!  We went and had supper with my mom, and then we met up with all of our friends.  A couple that D used to work with, have turned out to be pretty good friends of ours, are getting married in MN in October.  Their friends thru Amber a surprise Bridal Shower/Bachelorette Party earlier in the night, but we weren't able to make it.  However, they were so awesome they decided to meet up with us later to continue their celebration!  Here are some pictures from Friday evening...
soon to be Mr & Mrs in October!
Love these 2 girls!!
D and Cory
they are so cute!
Saturday we had some shopping we had to do before we got ready for our friends Wedding.  We went to Cargo World and purchased this awesome Bakers Rack to put in our kitchen.  It is really cute and love that it has slots for wine bottles and wine/martini glasses. 

After that we did a little more shopping :) , and it was time to head off to the wedding.  We met this couple through another couple that went to our small church group.  D and Trevor really hit it off, and I just love Nicole!  Their wedding took place out in the country at this really cool barn/building (it's meant to be for weddings and special events!).  The weather was really hot and humid, but the wedding itself was so beautiful and simple.  They had fall decorations and flowers, it was so cute!  It was a small wedding, so we were so glad that we got to be apart of it!!  Here are some pictures...
Nicole and her mother walking down the aisle
"You may kiss the bride!!"
1st dance
We even got to hang out with our friends Steve & Erin (and their little girl) from old our small group.  Steve officiated their ceremony.  He is the pastor at our old church.  We just love these guys!!

D and the bride during the $$ dance!
me & groom during the $$ dance!
I heart this guy!!
random dancing!

D and Trevor at the end of the night!

Oh and one last thing..................we kept it VERY classy and...

...that's right did a few keg stands!  Ok, I didn't actually do any, but there were a couple *cough cough* guys that did!!!  After the dance was over, we didn't want to risk driving, so we called my mom and had her meet us in town where the bridal party was staying.  Thank goodness she doesn't mind us sending her on a wild goose chase at 12:30am!!!