Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Girls Day Out!

My weekend was so much fun, and I was so sad to see it go!  My brothers girlfriend, who happens to be one of my really good friends, came to visit me!  My brother had other stuff going on so he wasn't able to come, so we had somewhat of a girls weekend!

Friday night we went to the bowling alley with D, his parents, and his younger brother.  We had so much fun, and we laughed so hard!!  I actually didn't do too shabby.  My first game was my best game (so far!), I bowled a 117.  That is awesome for me!  My second game wasn't very good, and my third was good.  I had a flashback at one point in the night when I slid past the line and fell on my butt!!  It was a little embarrassing, but totally fun at the same time!  I've been known to do that a few times!  After we were done at the bowling alley us 2 girls went to one of the local holes and had a couple of beers.  We just sat and had girl talk for an hour, which is the best, and decided we better go home.  On our way out, this one girl decided she was going to be a snot to me, but I didn't realize until after the fact what she was doing.  I still haven't a clue what her dealio was, but oh well!

Saturday morning we headed to Dodge for a GIRLS DAY OUT!!!  We first met up with a classmate and good friend of ours and headed out for the day. 

Girls Day Out!!
We first went to a nail salon to get our toes done, and our friend got her nails done.  I will say it was clean and cheap, but we weren't really impressed with the service.  There were only 2 people working, and they were rather busy, so it took a little bit longer than expected.  That's ok though, we were still having fun!  Then we headed to the Casino for lunch.  We had a "Big Onion" (like the bloomin' onion at Outback Steak House) for an appetizer, and the most delish drink EVER!  It was a Cherry Limeade, that had Cherry Rum and some other stuff in it.  It tasted just like a Cherry Limeade you get at Sonic only with a little "punch" added!  We all had huge sandwiches for our main course.

Pure Deliciousness!

After lunch we stuck around for a little bit and lost some money at the Casino!  It took me a mere 20 minutes to lose $40 at video poker...I wasn't a happy camper!  The other 2 girls didn't lose that much, but didn't win either.  So after we lost some money we decided to go to Hobby Lobby and spend even more money!  This was one of the main reasons for the trip, after all you can't go to a place that has a HL and not go...right?!  Well not this girl anyways!  We had so much fun looking at the Fall stuff to decorate our houses with.  We even saw the Christmas stuff, but darted in the other direction.  I can't even look at Christmas stuff right now!  We all got some really cute fall stuff for our houses.  I got some floral picks to put in this cute basket I have on our bookshelf, some cute little wooden pumpkins, and a cute sign to put outside. 

Fall Floral Arrangement I made...post to come later on the rest of the fall decor!
I was so tired after Hobby Lobby, and decided it was time to head back to the small town.  We grabbed my friend and made her come with us!!  When we got back we went over to the pool party to hang out for the evening.  We laughed so hard and had so much fun just hanging out.  D and his mom, and all of her friends had been there all day, so we had to take D home; it was time!!  Later on us 3 girls went to the same local hole and had a beer and went home.  We stayed up really late girl talking...it was like old times!!

What Bernie looked like when we got to the pool...poor guy is going to have a complex!!! LOL!

Sunday I made Scalloped Potatoes and Ham, and fresh green beans for all of us.  It was so good (no pictures of that this time)!  I was so sad to see the weekend come to an end.  I had so much fun though, and we plan on doing that again sometime!!!