Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring weather...

I was beginning to think Mother Nature was just teasing's been hot, cold most of the week (actually snowed a little bit Sunday), and now back to nice weather.  Last night there was a little storm that moved through our {small town}, and I caught a couple pictures of the clouds.  They were really cool looking!!!  It thundered for a little bit and even had a nice quick shower, which was perfect!!  Things are starting to green up around here, including some flowers in our front yard.  I seriously can't wait for Spring to finally be in full effect!!

Sun shining on one end and dark clouds on the other!

I love how the sun is shining and storm is moving in!
Yep, our next door neighbors got a new sign!
And our neighbors across the road you can see they knocked out their front porch...
like months ago. They also think it's "cool" to ride 4 wheelers in their front yard...
I mean dirt pile. annoying!

Tomorrow morning I'm off for the weekend for Ladies State Bowling!  It will be such a fun trip, with a bunch of fun ladies.  I'm hoping to remember to get some pictures so I can share some stories next week.  I hope you all have a great weekend!!