Thursday, March 3, 2011

Who wants to make these for me?!

Ok, let's be honest, I haven't really posted/made anything food wise or crafty this week (except for the Faith Hope Love tile), or had anything exciting happen to me, so this is kind of a random post.    I've never blogged about things I'm drooling over, so today will be the day!!!

We have 2 windows in our kitchen (1 looks into our backyard, and the other is seriously 5 feet from the neighboring building), and we have up white faux wood blinds (throughout the house).  I like the blinds, but I need something to jazz them up, like a valance or a roman shade would be perfect for the kitchen.  So I was looking at, just browsing away, and found the Kitchen category.  This is where I found these and
Burlap Ruffled Valance
(photo source from PaulaAndErika)
I love how raw and shabby they look, and actually would go very well with our kitchen.  We painted our walls Basketry by Behr.  I can't remember the exact color of our cabinets and the trim/windows are white.  I also think the valance would look great with in our bathroom (1 window).  The walls are painted the same color as the kitchen cabinets (I believe Swiss Coffee), and is decorated with rich browns and turquoise (kind of a beachy theme, in progress). 

behr Basketry
Photo Source
I, however, can't justify spending $50 for one valance (sorry PaulaAndErika!).  Reasoning's: we are new homeowners, still trying to spruce up the place with decor (I don't buy decor full price, must be a great deal and love it!), beginning stages of planning a wedding (planning for Spring 2012), I am looking for a new car (mines great for around town (most days), but I don't take it very far outside of town very often), and are in the talking stages of building a shed/garage in our lot next door.  So, I need to watch what I'm spending my money on and how much.  Maybe one of you will feel sorry for me and make me 1 (or 3!)?!  Just kidding (well kind of!)!  I showed them to Ashley, and she told me I should ask my Grandma Jean to make me some...hellooooo, BRILLIANT IDEA (thanks Ash)!!!  So I guess I'll be on the hunt for some Burlap.  Any ideas on how much I'll need for 3 of them?

Also I'm looking for some curtains for our living room area, and kind of want something sheer.  I also think I want them in a dark rich chocolate color.  I don't want anything too fancy, just something simple.  Would that look dumb if I have Burlap in the Kitchen and possibly bathroom, and then have sheer curtains in the living room?  Also, what do you think about Grommet-Top vs Rod-Pocket panels?  Opinions and suggestions are welcome, please!!!

I like these, but without the valance.
(Photo Source)

I also like these, but in the Chocolate Chip color.
(Photo Source)