Wednesday, March 30, 2011

{Chain Chomper} Birthday Party and Custom Pop-Up Cards!

D has a godson, his name is Harmon.  He just turned 9 on Sunday, so we spent all day Saturday with him and for his party on Sunday.  I helped his mom, which is D's Aunt, with the decorations, and she made Gluten Free Cupcakes (they were actually pretty tasty!).  He is really into anything Mario Brothers right now, that was the theme for his party!

Before we get into the party pics, I want to touch base on something that is close to our hearts.  Harmon has Autism, not full blown, but he's considered to be on the spectrum.  He's had it since he was a baby, I want to say he was 2 years old or so when they found out.  They believe that it was caused by vaccinations, which there have been a lot of studies that link the 2 together.  We also believe that, along with many of other parents who's kids are Autistic (I'm in no way a doctor, just my opinion).  And because of this, he's on a strict diet; not only is he Gluten Free, he is also Casein Free (no diary, etc...).  He also has to take a lot of vitamins and supplements to help him out.  He has his ups and downs, good days and bad.  Recently, they've noticed that he has OCD tendencies, and has to be in control of the situation, or he will have meltdowns.  They are currently seeing a DAN (defeat autism now) doctor in Denver, hoping to get things figured out a little more.  He's getting ready to do a series of blood and urine tests to determine a bunch of things, including how his system reacts with different foods and whatnot.  He will most likely have to take vitamins and supplements for the rest of his life.  I have so much respect for Harmon's parents.  I can't imagine everything they have had to go through since he was a baby, but to them it's so worth it.  They are always doing what's best for their son.  Harmon is always so full of energy, and D is very honored to be his godfather.  Those 2 have so much fun together!

Ok, on to the Chain Chomper Party for Harmon...and if you aren't familiar with Chain Chomper, it's a character on Mario Brothers.

Chain Chomper Gluten Free Cupcakes!

Placemats made by Hatty for each of the boys, along with a goody bag!


Harmon playing 1st game: Feed the Chain Chomper!
(drawn on poster board)

Each got 4 chances!

Harmon's buddy's being silly!

2nd game: Pin the Chain on the Chomper (like pin the tail on the Donkey)
(again made on poster board!)
Harmon's first attempt!

So close!

Wishin' time!

Blowing out his candle!

Opening gifts

Lego's and Water guns, alright!

D, Harmon and I
(we got him another Wii remote, so he and his buddy's could play Mario Brothers!)

Hatty, his mom, does a lot of Graphic Arts stuff.  She is in charge of her company's website, has her own Custom Card Business - Simple Folds, and is always doing something creative for Family and Friends.  Back to her Custom Cards...she designs and cuts out each and every card she sells, including some really awesome Pop-Up Cards.  I wish I would've taken a picture of one she did recently for a customer in New York for their Family Christmas Cards...WOW!  On the front was a picture of their kids dressed in Burberry PJ's smiling for the camera.  In the inside...are you ready for this........the kids POP-UP when you open the card, jumping on the bed!  It is seriously one of the neatest things I've ever seen!!  All of her cards are heavy duty, and customized to your liking.  If you don't want pop-up cards, she does regular cards too.  The best part about it is, there isn't a minimum to order!!  So if you need only a couple of cards made for someone special, Hatty will do it!!
Hatty, the artist!
Inside Birthday Card for Mom
Photo Source
Front Custom Christmas Card
Photo Source
Inside of Christmas Card, Pop-up of City Skyline
Photo Source

She doesn't know it yet, but we are probably going to have her design our wedding invites!! ;)  And maybe I can con her into letting me do a giveaway to a lucky reader(s) in the future?!  Hmmm...

What type of cards would you like, anything in particular?!

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