Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day 2: Shed is almost done

**This post was supposed to go out Wednesday evening, but instead I blogged about some really cute coasters, and then followed it up with Day 1 progress!**

Did you see what they all did on Day 1?!  I still can't believe how fast they are...and there are ONLY 4 guys!

They showed up at 7:30am on Wednesday Morning to start getting the roof trusses up.  After that they needed to get the installation up, and followed by the tin exterior walls.  I don't know all of the "technical" stuff they did, but I can tell you that the shed is almost done!!!  Here are some pictures....

back side of the shed
front side of the shed

Insulation and the tin up on the sides

getting the back side finished up

about to call it a day!

As you can tell, it didn't get done in 2 Days like they thought (the wind is to blame), so stay tuned for a Day 3 which I'll post tomorrow...and it will be done!!! ;)