Friday, May 13, 2011

Off for the weekend...

Blogger has been having some issues yesterday through this morning, so I'm not able to share my latest project with you all!  Plus, we are getting ready to leave town and I need to get my work finished up. 

On to our weekend plans...we are leaving today to go to the {big} city!  We are actually going to move my Mom into her new apartment complex tomorrow.  Finally she will have more room for all of us kids to come terrorize visit her...that will be nice!  She is really looking forward to it!  My brother Jerrod and sister inlaw Kelli, and my grandparents will also be there!  It will be great to hang out with them too.

We are also looking forward to meeting up with some of our friends tomorrow night!  We haven't seen most of them since New Years, which is when we got engaged!  So it will be a fun, but busy weekend for us...but honestly I'm really looking forward to it!

Oh yeah, and about the project, I will share it next week!  I's it is all wrapped up!  This is part of a birthday gift to my dear friend Aimee!  I'm also giving some to my Mom for part of her Mother's Day gift! 
Aimee and her man, Ryan!
Newest Project...coming soon!