Friday, May 6, 2011

Pacifier Cupcake Toppers

For Danielle's Baby Shower, we just ordered some Vanilla and Chocolate Cupcakes from Wal-Mart.  Which btw, they almost gave Megan and I a heart-attack when they couldn't find our order!!  Anyways, moving on...we wanted to do a fun cupcake topper, and when I saw this idea for Pacifier Candies from Stephanie over at Somewhat Simple back in January, I knew this is something we just HAD to do!!!

These are Stephanies over at Somewhat Simple! <3

However, I changed ours up a bit, because I'm personally not a huge fan of Peppermint Patties (I know, I'm probably weird!).  So instead we used, Oreo's and dipped them in Bakers chocolate.  We also used Pink Jordan Almonds, and the Mint Life Savers candies.  Also, I didn't use a hot glue gun to stick the candies on like Stephanie did, because mine wasn't clean!  I whipped up some melted White Morsels with Shortening, and it was the perfect "glue"!  Yum and wow they were so cute!!!  My pictures don't do these things any justice...sorry for the bad pics, I was in a hurry!

1 package of Oreo's
2 boxes of Bakers Chocolate (1 box did approx 18 cookies)
1 package of Jordan Almonds (color of your choice)
1 package of Life Savers mint candies, unwrapped
1 cup of Nestle White Morsels
2 tbsp of Shortening
Ingredients minus the White Morsels and Shortening
1. Cover cookie sheet in parchment paper (this was a life saver!)
2. Melt Baking Chocolate Squares in a microwave safe bowl as directed (I did 1 box at a time)
3. Dip Oreos in melted chocolate, cover, and place on parchment paper (I had to eat the "oops" ones!)
4. After cookies are all covered, place in freezer for 15-20 min so they harden up.
5. Unwrap the mints, how many ever you'll need.
6. Melt down the White Morsels with Shortening in microwave as directed on package (be sure to stir often, and bowl will be extremely hot!)
7. Put a dot on the front side of the cookie, then stick the Jordan Almond on. Hold it on there for a few seconds.
8. Put a dot on the back side of the cookie, then stick the Mint on. Again, hold it on there for a few seconds.
9. Place back on to parchment paper, and put back into the freezer to harden up again (they become a little melted after handling them).
10. Put into airtight container until you're ready to use them.
11. Place onto cupcakes and enjoy!!!

Oreo's dipped in Chocolate!

Back part of the "Pacifier" after Mint was stuck on

Finished Cupcake Toppers!

Viola!!! Aren't they caaauuute?!

Note: I made these a couple days in advance, and kept them in the freezer. If you're traveling far with them I do suggest putting them in a cooler.  I don't think they'll melt too bad, but just to be safe.

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PS - Just to clarify, Stephanie didn't actually use hot glue...she only used the gun part to melt the chocolate, and it was a brand new gun!! 

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