Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Visitors, Races, and Garden kind of weekend!

It's been awhile since I've blogged about our random weekend adventures!  Normally we're traveling somewhere, have somewhere to be at a certain time, or just plain busy!  This weekend was kind of a random weekend, but it was fun!  Friday night my brother Brett and his gf/my bestie Ashley came to visit us for the weekend!  It was kind of a last minute trip for them, but I'm so glad they came!  It was b.e.a.utiful outside Friday night, so after we ate supper we lit the fire pot (to keep the bugs away) and hung out on the porch just catching up. 

Saturday D played golf all day with his uncle, while us 3 went shopping for some vegetable plants for the garden.  Of course, we had to make a stop at Hob Lob...how could we not?!  We found some great deals in their clearance section...I spent a total of 20 bucks!  Score!  My brother did pretty good for being there over an hour...better than I thought he would do!
Outdoor  Mat...$7 bucks
Lantern/Vase...$11 (originally $30)

Scrapbook paper...not on sale, but very cute!
I will probably use it on some coasters in the future! ;)

Saturday night we decided to head to the races, which were about 40 minutes from our {small} town.  Ashley hadn't ever been, I had only been once (not counting the times in high school, but I didn't really go to watch the races!), and Brett and D used to race back in the day.  Plus D's dad builds performance engines for Sprint Cars and what not, so we were also supporting our drivers/motors we had on the track! 

Me and Ashley before the races
at the races

Brett and Ashely
D and Brett watching the races (didn't want their picture taken!)

Sunday they headed home early, and we relaxed for awhile.  In the afternoon we got to work on our garden.  Yeah, it may sound like we're a little behind, but it has been freezing at night randomly, so I'm kind of glad we got a late start.  We should be good to go now though (keeping my fingers crossed)!  It was full of weeds, but luckily my Dad and D tilled it last fall, so it wasn't hard to pull all of those nasty weeds out properly! 

Look, no more weeds!

We then worked the dirt around, and got to planting.  We planted: 4 Tomato Plants (3 of which are heirloom), 2 Jalapeno plants, 1 Sweet Crimson Watermelon plant, 1 Zucchini plant, and 3 Cucumber plants.  We also planted some 1 row of Carrots, 1 row of radishes, 1 row of Okra, and started some Marigold seeds in some little pods to transplant around the edges.  D read somewhere that Marigolds keep bugs away, so we thought we'd give it a try.  We still would like to find some Red Bell Pepper plants, those are my fav's out of Bell Peppers. 

4 tomato plants

2 Jalapeno Plants
3 Cucumber Plants (2 bunched together)

1 Zucchini Plant

1 Crimson Sweet Watermelon Plant

The whole garden view...we also planted some Carrots, Okra, and Radishes
We still want to find some Red Peppers to plant by the Jalapenos.
I know it doesn't look like much now, but just give it some time!! ;)

A couple years ago we planted a smaller garden when we lived in the {big} city, but we didn't can anything.  We pretty much just froze what we didn't use right away.  That was nice too, but this time I would like to can some Salsa, maybe pickle some Okra, and even give Dill Pickles a try!  I can't wait to see all of the fresh veggies that come from our own backyard!!  Stay tuned!

Bernie hangin' out!

What about you, do you have a garden?  If so, what is your favorite thing to do/make with your fresh veggies?