Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Materials have arrived!

Awhile back I showed you the work that was beginning for our huge shed, and today they delivered the materials to build it and will start on Monday!!!  How exciting, right?! 

Materials for our shed!

Ignore all of those weeds...we haven't gotten to the backyard yet!
Well there's a little more that needs to be done before Monday.  Last night, D, his Dad, and a friend, trenched the water line and got it ready to go. 

D's Dad getting ready to trench the water line

Trenching, getting closer!
Water line is trenched!

Filling the dirt in!

We still need to have the city come out and fill in where they dug up for the water meter, and we need to have the dirt company we used come pack the pad back down again.  The contractors will be out Monday to start building our shed, so it won't be long and it will be up!  Stay tuned...

PS...Bernie was "helping" me water the grass last night!  Check him out on the front porch, checking things out!  He got his hair cut last week...I just love him!!

Bernie checking things out!

Trying to avoid the camera!

He thinks he spotted something, but it was probably just a twig!

PPS...I promise I have a cute project to share either tomorrow or Friday!!