Thursday, April 14, 2011

The work has begun...

The work on building our shed has begun as of last week!  We had a local company come in a remove all of the existing concrete that was left, which we also found out there used to be a house there, not a trailer.  After they removed several feet of concrete, they filled it all in with dirt.  They also ripped out any grass that was left in the area that the shed will be in, and brought in even more dirt to build the area up.  At the end of the day they leveled everything out.  It is now ready for our pole shed to be brought in and put up.  We couldn't be anymore excited!!  The contractors should be bringing it up at the beginning to mid May, so in a few weeks, more work will take place.  In the mean time here are a few pictures of them getting it ready to go!  Stay tuned.

Tearing the concrete out
Soon we'll be able to park in our garage and not under a carport!

Hole from the concrete
More dirt and concrete

Big Trucks laying down and leveling the dirt!
Oh and there were several people talking around town, wanting to know what we were building in our large lot.  It was rather funny!!  There was even a little fender bender, because someone was gawking around while driving by!  Got to love small towns!