Friday, April 22, 2011

Winning...Pampered Chef Garlic Press and Panera Bread Gift Card!

The next Giveaway that I won was from Haley over at At Home With Haley.  When Haley hit 100 followers she decided to giveaway a Pampered Chef Garlic Press and a Panera Bread Gift Card!  I was so excited when I learned that I actually won!!  I already have a Garlic Press, but it's a cheapo that doesn't really work the greatest.  I was stoked to get a new one, let alone a Pampered Chef one!!  I love Pampered Chef, seriously!!  Who doesn't?!  We dont' have a Panera Bread near me, but when I go back to the {big} city I can always hit it up.  I love their Sandwiches, Cinnamon Crunch Bagels, and Potato Soup!  Not all together of course, but those are my favs!

Thank you Haley!!!

Now on to Haley's blog....lets just say she is awesome!  She's always baking up some fresh homemade bread (can you send some my way, please?!) and other yummy food, she hosts fun Recipes I Can't Wait To Try parties every week (she actually makes some of them after we link them up!), and shares some personal stories from time to time!  I think she is an awesome person, even though I've never met her, I can just tell!

Here are some of my favorite recipes that she's shared with us...
Turtle Brownies...Ohh.Emm.Gee!

Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread...seriously, can you overnight me some of this?!

Kolaches...Yum! These remind me of a German Pastry/Bread that my Grandma makes!

Cinnamon Roll Pancakes...oh my heck, I think I need to start working out now!
 Are you guys hungry yet, because I know I am!!!  Now go check the rest of her blog out, and if you like to link your recipes up give her weekly party a try!  Don't forget to check out her Homemade Cinnamon Rolls while you're at it!! :)  Thank you so much Haley!