Friday, June 17, 2011

Shed...concrete is done!

I hope you guys are all still following the long process of our shed being finished!  Well last week we finally were able to get the concrete poured in the shed, and then we took it 10 feet out.  We also had them cut out the existing curb by the street so we would be able to just drive right up into it without a problem.  And for now, there is sand between the new curb and where the concrete stops.  We will eventually (not sure when) get rocks to fill in.  It would have been way too expensive to fill it all in with concrete, so we compromised!  Here are some pictures...

Tore out curb by the street

getting ready to pour

almost finished
pouring the last sections

we can finally park in it...btw who is that handsome man in there?!

Snuck a picture of D in his truck!

looking out towards the street...the sand will eventually be rock

As always, stay tuned for more progress (we have garage doors ordered, and then we will hook up the electrical)!