Thursday, June 2, 2011

Colorado Trip - Graduation, Shopping, and Baseball Game!

I hope you all had a fabulous Memorial Day weekend!  I love having 4 day weekends, I wish it happened more often!!  D and I went to Colorado Springs to see my cousin graduate 8th grade, and visit family.  It was such a nice weekend away, including the weather! 

Getting close to Colorado Springs...Pikes Peak off in the distance (go ahead, click to enlarge!)
Pikes Peak
We left Friday morning and drove, it was about 5.5 hours, wasn't too bad.  To pass some time, I did a little blogging and online shopping (Victoria's Secret semi-annual sale...hello!!).  KK's graduation was Friday night, and unlike when I was in school, it wasn't required for all of the class to be there.  It was optional, and I was actually really thankful!  It was a nice little graduation, mainly talking to the class and showing a nice video filled with pictures from 2011.  Afterwards they had cake and punch for everyone.  We then headed back to my Aunt & Uncle's house, she opened her gifts and we just hung out.  We were pretty pooped by the time we went to bed...yeah at 10:30 on a Friday night, D and I were in bed!!!  LOL!
Me and D!
Aunt Michele, Kaitlyn, Uncle Jeff, and Caleb
Kaitlyn and my Mom

Me and KK
Saturday, me, my cousin, Aunt, Mom, and Grandma all went shopping at Castle Rock!  I didn't buy a whole lot, but I did buy a new Coach purse at the Coach Outlet!  So excited for my new purse (even picked one up for Ashley, we're now twins!! ;))!!  I got a couple shirts and a sun dress just for fun, and spoiled KK for her graduation gift (she got a bunch of clothes!).  It was a lot of fun, but we were in need of a little pick me off to Starbucks we went!!  While we were doing all of this, the guys (D, Uncle Jeff, cousin Caleb, and Grandpa) went shopping for man stuff, and went out to the Air Force Base!  D hadn't ever been there, he loved it!  He snapped a few pictures!

Air Force Academy

Air Force Chapel

Air Force Chapel up close!! Awesome pic!

Saturday night we went to a Sky Sox game, which is the minor league team for the Colorado was a great time!!  We pretty much talked and laughed throughout the whole game!!

Sky Sox game

my mom and aunt
Gma & Gpa!

Me and D!
Sunday we went to a Cheyenne Mountain Resort for brunch, and it was phenomenal!!  They had anything and everything that you could think of, including Mimosa's (you know me, I love my Mimosa's)!!  Come to find out I have actually been there before, probably about 5-6 years ago, actually stayed in the hotel part.  It was gorgeous scenery out on the deck!

Sunday afternoon we headed over to Denver to stay with friends for the evening.  We had a lot of fun (sorry no pictures); we walked downtown to Wynkoop Brewery, then took a cab back to their loft and sat on the rooftop the rest of the night drinking a few beers.  Monday late afternoon we headed home, finally got home about 11:45pm...we were exhausted!!!