Tuesday, June 28, 2011

{Behind the Scenes} - finding THE DRESS!

This past Saturday me, my Mom, FMIL Penny, and MOH/bestie Ashley went wedding dress shopping for the first time. 

Me, Mom, and Penny!

Me and Ash...awhile back, but love this picture of us!
We went to a {small town} dress shop called Timeless Tradition.  After trying 10 or so dresses on, I had a top 3, then I tried on the last dress, which made me have a top 4!  I wanted to try on all 4 dresses again, quickly I narrowed it down to 2 dresses.  Without hesitation I knew the last dress was going to be MY DRESS!  You might think I'm nuts for purchasing my dress on my first time out dress shopping, but I'm not...that is what captured my heart.  Each time I put it on and looked at myself in the mirror, it literally gave me butterflies in my stomach and took my breath away...no not because it was too tight, but because it was THE ONE!!

I won't be showing you THE DRESS today or anytime soon...you'll have to wait until after APRIL 28, 2012!!  But I thought it would be fun to show you just a few of the dresses I tried on and liked, but just didn't make the cut!  Enjoy!
1st dress I tried on, I really liked it!

Rosettes on the skirt part!

3rd dress I tried on, it made my hips look weird!

I loved the gathering and the tulle underneath though!

The dress was ok until she gave me the massive flower!
And I hated the "seashell boob"!
This was such a pretty dress, it was a mermaid style...
I loved all the bling, it was gorgeous, but I couldn't walk
very well with the mermaid part.

I liked this dress, it was really pretty, but felt like
it had been done so many times already...I wanted something a little different!
 Well that's all you get!!  The lighting was really bad in there, but didn't notice it until I looked at the pictures.  Sorry they are blurry, and I have some awkward looks on my face!  LOL!

I will tell you one thing though...I'm super happy and excited that I found MY DRESS, I can't wait until it comes in and they do a little customizing on it!! :)