Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Girls Weekend Recap

A couple weeks ago I blogged about having a girls weekend, and I just realized I never blogged about it last week!  You see...work was super crazy last week.  I was getting ready for a DOT Audit all week, had it on Thursday and passed with flying colors, and Friday I was able to breath again.  So I apologize for the lack of posting, but I had bigger things on my plate. 

So our girls weekend was a BLAST!!  My car was loaded to the brim by the time we got everything loaded up!  Friday night we got to Aimee's house around 9pm, hung around her house and played catch up until 2am.  I love nights like that!  
Back seat loaded

"I hope you have a big trunk, because I'm gonna to stick my bike in it!"
Name that movie...
Saturday morning after getting about 5 hours of sleep we got up and around.  I started setting up for our Funky Zebra Party that was that night so I wouldn't have so much to do after dress shopping, we ate lunch, and then off to the girls' dress appointment we went.  I don't think we were supposed to go anywhere other than where Aimee lived though...there was construction everywhere we went.  Construction in the {big} city = long lines of traffic with crazy drivers, and ridiculous delays!  We were late to the appointment, but we made it nonetheless!  The girls tried on several dresses and I must say that there wasn't one that I hated.  They were all very cute, which made it really hard to choose.  But I think we found one that tops all of the others, but come to find out it's being discontinued soon.  Well as you know Ashely S wasn't able to join us (she finally had her baby BOY last Thursday!!), so we didn't order them.  I'm hoping in a month or so we can venture out and have her try it on, then get them ordered if they are still available.  If they aren't, don't worry we have backups!!  Here are a couple that we really liked, but can't show you the one we want or its backups! ;)

One of my favorites, but the girls said they were a little
constricting and it had a "tail feather"!

This one was really cute, wish they would've had it in Navy
so we could see what it would've looked like.

I was almost sold on this one until she sat down...
it like really poofed up! And it looks better in person, not
so much in the picture (material).

Oh and I forgot to mention little Maycee joined us!!  I was so excited to see her, she's so cute!!

She hung out with her "aunt Kayla" while
her mommy tried on dresses!
Aww...such a pretty girl, love her smile!! :)
After dress shopping we loaded up on Starbucks, some beer and wine, and cupcakes, and headed back to Aimee's.  I finished setting up for the party (with the help of Aimee & Ashley, thank you girls!!), we got ready, and then the party started.  We didn't have a huge turnout, but the girls that came totally rocked it!!  Here are some pictures of the set up...

After the party was over, we hung out for awhile, and decided us 3 girls were going out!  So out we went, and watched some really funny people sing karaoke.  And by funny I mean not so good!  After we came home, we decided to tear down all of the merchandise and pack it up.  I think we got like 5 hours of sleep again, so by the time we left Sunday early afternoon, Ashley and I were really wore out!